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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-26 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200726
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1.    Hurricane Hanna汉娜 has made landfall on Padre Island in Texas off Corpus Christi科珀斯克里斯蒂市 with maximum sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. It's the first hurricane of the Atlantic season. The area though has already been dealing with the surge of cv cases. Here's public media's XX reports, State leaders are urging residents to continue taking safety precautions for the virus as they do with the storm.
In the news conference Saturday, Govr Greg Abbott told residents not to let the hurricane further stealk____ the spread of Covid-19.
"The most important thing I could say today, is to issue every reminder to everybody in the state of Texas. The just because the hurricane comes to the state does not mean that Covid-19 disappears."
The Govr says they are sanitizing shelters and also deploying additional personal protective equipment and various testing teams. Hurricane Hanna is the first hurricane of 2020 Atlantic season. In additional to gusting winds and flooding, it brings with the threat of tornadoes to the area near Corpus Christi.

2.    In hands to______ the unemployment benefits of an extra 600 dollars a week expire at the end of month. And as NPR's XX reports, what happens next to millions of out of work Americans is up in the air.
Congress is likely to continue some form of expanded benefit, just not in time to meet the current expiration date截止日期. Democrats want to extend the additional 600 dollar per week benefit through January. Republicans oppose that because they say it's too much and it's stopping workers from going back into the workforce. Republicans ar calling ___ around a plan supported by the White House to provide up to 70% of a worker's pre-pandemic wages as long as it doesn't exceed 600 dollars. Either way a deal remains out of sight. Senate Republicans have yet to release a formal proposal. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel said Friday he expected a deal in a few weeks.

3.    Regis Philbin has died at the age of 88. As NPR's XX reports, despite the broadcaster was suffering from various health issues for decades, he died of natural causes.
Could anyone be more upbeat and genuine than Regis Philbin?
In 1988, on the first broadcast of live with Regis and Cathie Lee, the two top 20 __ 20 separated at verb____ and how much we just _____.......
"One day I'm going to bring the clock on the show and smash it with a sledge.
And that's something to look forward to?
I hate this.
Philbin kepting his light and reassure it.
Born in Bronx to an Irish-Italian family, he was a navy officer when he decided to go into television. He started at the bottom as a stagehand at page. And his reassuringly hockey____ humor was comforting to the millions who watched the show when he retired in 2013.
Up to his death on Friday, XXX's second cohost XX called him the ultimate class act.

4.    In Russia’s Far East, protesters took to the street for a third weekend in a row. As NPR's XX reports, locals are unhappy with the arrest of a popular govr and with a man the Kremlin has chosen to replace him.
Thousands of ppl took to the street of the regional capital Khabarovsk for a thousand miles east of Moscow on the border with China. They shouted slogans in support of their govr who was in pretrial detention on murder charges in Moscow. But they also directed their anger at President Vladimir Putin.
"Putin is a thief", they shouted on Khabarovsk central square. On Monday Putin dispatched a new govr to Khabarovsk. He avoided the protest by travelling outside the city.

5.    Spain's northeast region of Catalonia has ordered all night clubs and dance house to close as cv cases there continue to rise. Across Spain there are hundreds of new outbreaks, but about half of them are in Catalonia. As XX reports, local govts are taking measures to contain the virus to try to prevent another nationwide lockdown.
The Catalonian govt imposed a mid night curfew on all bars, restaurants, and cafes for the city's hardest-hit including Barcelona, where residents have been asked to stayed home. While Spain saw a significant decrease of cases thanks to a 3-month lockdown that began mid March, authorities fear a second wave as new outbreaks arise.

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