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() is another question, U.S. president Donald Trump says he's getting rid of TikTok off the United States, this after the short video app's  Chinese corporate owner whould not agree to sell it. They () the issue, U.S. national security concerns of how TikTok  can () personal data losing its Ameirca market with represent a major blow for big dance. One of China's a few global conglomerates thanks to TikTok's commercial sucess.  () got the source ()that big dance's evaluation of expectations for TikTok exceeded 50 million dollars. Another company () exists the () minarity ownership. It seems both ideas draw into deadlines. TikTok's upto 28 million active monthly users in the United States.U.S. has intesfied its economy pressure on China over () ethic mionorities, notebly weakers in far west Xinjing Province. It is the latest sign that badly damage US-China relations and it comes after the Trump's administration close the Chinese consulat in Huston,Taxes. () Beijing the forth last week than shut down a U.S. consulat in Chengdu. The treasury department says its blackess to the Xinjiang production and constrstion core, known as XPCC, along with its former party secretary and a current deputy secretary.  China denies minority distreatment as says the camp so () the numbers of weakers provide vocational training, neihter to find discriminism Washigton's action freezes  any U.S. answer to XPCC and generally prohibit Americans from dealing with it.
Trump administration officials than top democrate congration letters that have yet do agree another COVID-19 economic relief bill. The White House appears closer expecting democratic demands. The jobless Americans keep getting ()  unemployment benefits of 600 dollars a week for (). Since so many senates republicans opposed the extensions, it will probably have to pass the stress of democrat's support. Negoations are () this weekend. This is VOA news.
The beginning of August  brings with the great news that the COVID-19 deaths in the United States soar by over 25,000 in July.  () hopes a quickly or fully reopening the America economy. The () States records nearly 1.9 million new cases in July pushing the total infection count to more than 4.5 million at across of 153.  Some outdoor virus testing sites in Florida are shutting down, and its facing hurricane Izeas. Meanwhile, the state's darely(?) death numbers are setting gream records, nearly 7,000 people in Florida died in pandemic. Cases () the states more than 470,000. Worldwide () University puts the COVID test number as 17.6 million with the talent approaching 608,000.
Mexico  now has the third largest loss of life in the pandemic. Cause the 47,000 () in the United States and Brazil. Mexican health officials  yesterday say the country have recorded close to  700 new fatalities. Covid again spread in HongKong, the () of Chinese territory reported 100 new cronic cases today. City athorities have reappposed dining restricitons and face mask requirements. Vietnam () first COVID-19 death this week along Thursday died in the city of Denam which is the common () buck with more than 100 infections including a dozen new cases today. Than there is, which is reported a darmatic spine(?) of more than 5,700 infections in the way just 24 hour period, pushing its case low draw almost 1.7 million, over a million of those happened in July. In South Korea, the () religies act has arrested () that more than 5000 of the country's 40,000 covid infections () with other reporting religious gatherings.  Brithsh prime minister (people's name) says he is putting off plans to further ease lockdown in the ()UK. Jorson says there is evidence that the () of Covid-19 in the community is likely rising for the first time since May.  Britain has lost more than 46,000 lives in the pandamic. Secretary take giants says today has ending up operations of its last computer factory in China. The latest manufacturer of shift production from the world second largest economy. He says many companies rethink their product of its supply chains and the rising Chinese labor costs, the US- China trade war and the effects of the pandemic. () some country involve shift 4.3 billion dollars worth goods out of China in 2012, by 2018 that figure was just 1 billion dollar.

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