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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-08-03 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200803
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2.Key players in Trump's administration and Republicans in Senate are still arguing with House Democrats over another round a favorite XXX of Coronavirus pademic.And XXX reports one extinct point this is addtional unemployement benefits expired on Friday. There have been some progress that's result of weekend talks in Washington on next round of stimulus expending. XX Democrats and repbulicans still disagree of how much to handle unemployement benefits. Repbulicans propose in addtional $200 weekly unemployement benefits,while house democrats say they're sticking with $600 proposal.Here is Treasury Secretary on ABC this week We propose one week extension at $600, so that while we're negotiating a longer term solution at least all those people don't lose their money and I'm suprised that Democrats won't agree that. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says addtional $200 a week doesn't meet the needs of the working families out of the job during the pademic.
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1.    Hurricane watches and storm surge warnings are up for the Carolinas as tropical storm Isaias approaches. That storm has strengthened a bit and now has maximum sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. Isaias is expected to be in the Carolinas but by Tuesday. But officials are already urging people in low-lying areas to go to shelters or friend's homes in safer areas. But XX, executive director of the North Carolina division of emergency management says, they have two things to focus on.
"While we are you responding to a hurricane, we also want to make sure we are not exacerbating the spread of the C19."
And Governor, XX is also reminding people the pandemic remains a threat too. And he says storm preparations may take longer and look a little different.
Isaias is battering Florida with heavy rains and strong winds today as it slowly turns northward off the coast. It's expected to head to New England later in the week.

2.    Key players in the Trump adm and Republicans in the Senate are still arguing with House Democrats over another round of federal aid tied to the corona virus pandemic. NPR's XX reports, one sticking point is the additional unemployment benefits expired on Friday.
There's been some progress as a result of weekend talks in Washington on the next round of stimulus spending. But D and R still disagree over how much to ____ an adds unemployment benefits. R proposed an additional 200 dollar weekly unemployment benefit, well House D say they are sticking with their 600 dollar proposal. Here's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on ABC's "This Week".
"We proposed a one-way extension as 600 dollars, so that while we negotiate a longer term solution. At least all those ppl don't lose their money. And I'm surprised that the D won't agree to that."
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says an additional 200 dollars a week does not meet the needs of working families out of the job during the pandemic.

3.    Over new police crack down on protesters took place in Portland Oregon this weekend on allegedly unruly demonstrators. Oregon Public Broadcasting XX reports that followed two nights of calm gatherings with federal officers not on the scene.
Protesters rallied peacefully through the weekend, re___ting their marches against police brutality and racial injustice toward black Americans. But the Portland police bureau describe and unlawful assembly late Saturday night when a handful of ppl allegedly threw glass bottles at the XX sheriff office. Portland police arrested two ppl. Outpo___ videos and social media show officers destroying a protester's car and knocking several ppl to the ground. Oregon govr XX reached a deal with the Trump adm Wednesday to move federal officers from Portland streets.

4.    US features contracts are trading in mixed territory last track.

5.    CV cases are rising in South Africa. As NPR's XX reports, the death rate is compared to ___ low.
South Africa recently overtook Mexico as the country with the fifth largest caseload in the world. Over the past 24 hours the country reported more than 10,000 new cases, putting it over the 500,000 mark. However the govt place out the death toll in South Africa is one of the lowest in the world with about 8,000 reported deaths. That has a fraction of the deaths of most countries with that many c19 cases. That says scientists looking at exi___ death say the official death toll is likely in undercount. By their estimates the real death toll could be 3 times of that.

6.    In Australia, officials declared a state of disaster in Victoria the country’s second most populous state after a surge of cv infections. XX hs more.
A state of disaster has been declared because after 3 weeks of lockdown the cases have continued to rise with high levels of community transmission. Authorities say ppl are not following the lockdown orders. Police checks fond a quarter of positive c19 cases were not at home during quarantine. So now the strictest lockdown yet is being imposed. There's a night time curfew. And only one person is allowed out to be ___ once a day for shopping. That will last for 6 weeks.

7.    And Johns Hopkins University is reporting that in the US there are more than 4.6 million cases.

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