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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-08-09 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200809
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President Trump today signed 4 executive actions to provide economic relief to those hurt by the cvp. As NPR's XX reports, this comes in the absence of a deal with Congress to pass a new cv aid package.
Trump signed a memorandum to extend and hand on unemployment benefits through the end of the year. Though it was previously a 600 dollar weekly benefit, Trump is cutting it down to 400. He is also directing the Treasury Secretary to defer some payroll tax collection through the end of the year. And Trump suggested the deferred taxes may never have to be paid if he wins re-election.
"If I am victorious in November 3rd, I planed to forgive the taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax. I'm going to make it all permanent."
When Trump previously float up those idea, D n R in Congress rejected it, because these taxes, fund, Medicare and social security and they are already concerns about their long term solvency.

The CDC says that while most children who catch the cv have either no symptoms or mild ones, they are still at risk of developing severe symptoms. As NPR's XX reports, Hispanic and Black children are more likely to require hospitalization for Covid-19 than Whites.
Hispanic children are about 8 time as likely as Whites to be hospitalized with the cv. Black children, 5 times as likely. The CDC's report working at almost 600 children hospitalized for the virus found that one out of three was admitted to the ICU. That's similar to the rate among adults. The most common symptoms included fever and chills, inability to eat and vomiting. Researchers don't fully understand why some racial groups are hospitalized at higher rates. But they have a theory. Because the Hispanic adults are more likely to be essential workers, they could end up exposing children living in their household.

Venezuela's Attorney General says two former US special service soldiers have now been sentenced to prison for 20 years. NPR's XX reports the two are accused of plotting to capture President Nicolas Maduro.
The news was announced on Twitter by Maduro's Attorney General. The Tweet says former Green Berets LD and AB have been found guilty of terrorism, conspiracy and arms trafficking. The two were captured in May when Venezuelan security services intercepted an armed group who landed in Venezuela by boat from Colombia. Most were former Venezuelan soldiers who deserted. Maduro says the raid was a plot to topple him, orchestrated by the Trump adm and the man the US recognizes as Venezuela's legitimate presidnet, opposition leader Juan Guaido. Both the US govt and Guaido denied involvement.

In Somalia a car bomb has been detonated in front of a military base in the Capital of Mogadishu. At least 8 ppl are died. NPR's XX reports, it appears to be the latest attack on a long running Islamist insurgency.
According to local officials troops opened fire as a car lading with explosives approaches the gate of a military base in the Capital Mogadishu. the car detonated just outside the gate. The Islamist group Al-Shebab took responsibility claiming they had killed several Somali soldiers. This bombing took place close to a newly renovated stadium which the govt has touted as a symbol of renaissance in Somalia. Al-Shebab has for years launched attacks to thwart any progress in the country. The group's aim is to topple the central govt and set up an Islamist state.

Across New York, thousand of ppl still remain without power after tropical storm Isaias slammed through the area. XX is commissioner of the NYC office of emergency management.
"32000 power outages are still across the city and 18600 ____ are still . And that we also still have a large number of trees down across all hybirds …the ...has been the hardest hit."
And she says crews are working as hard as they can and they hoped to get power on to most of the city by tomorrow night.

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