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This is VOA News via Remote. I am Elize Pompa. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to a normalization of relations between the two nations. US president Donald Trump helped broker the agreement. A joint statement that released by President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Yahu and crown prince Abudabbi XX called this a historical diplomatic breakthrough that will advance peace in he Middle East Region. The statement says delegations from Isarel and the United Arab Emirates will meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, flights, security and more.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnnson and Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin met on Thursday in Northern Ireland. The two held talks to promote British Irish unity and a strong rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.It was the first time the counterparts met since Martin was elected as part of a new Irish coalition government in June. Relations between Johnson and the Northan Ireland have been strained after years of sometimes acrimonous negotiations regarding Britain's departure from the Europe Union, known as Brexit. Following their talks, Martin told the reporters he and Johnson both agreed on the necessity for a  free trade agreement with the EU that will be tarrif and quota free.
Thusday the Trump administration will roll back regulations aimed at reducing emissions of the potent green-house gas methane from oil and gas operations. During a visit to election swing state Pennsylvania, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler will formally rescind 2016 Obama administration limits on oil and gas industry emissions of methane. The move has beeb criticized by environmentalists when initially proposed.
Lebanese parliament speaker XX called for the quick formation of a new government Thursday. This, as lawmakers approved governments 2 weeks of state emergency after the recent devastating explosion that kills scores of people and injured thousands of others. Lebanese state media said they've urged Law makers and parliaments 1st legislative sessions since August 4th blast to begin speeding up the formation of a new government. They've begun on consultations on forming a new cabinet, a process complicated by divisions and a country governed by a sectarian power sharing system. Parliament approved the state of emergency to surpress resurgent protests over corruption, mismanagement and negligence by the long entrenched political elite. Hundredes of people have been injured in clashes with security forces who had fired tear gas.
There is no relief in sight for Americans waiting for more federal relief aid during the pandemic. They might have to wait until Fall at this point. Negotiations in Washington over a new coronavirus aid package have all but ended. The White House and the Congress are far apart on the size, scope and approach on relief for households, schools and a national strategy to contain the virus. President Trump's top negociator Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to revise DowTalks Wednesday. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Shumer dismissed what they called an overturn saying the Trump administration is still refusing to meet them half way. President Trump said  democrats are holding the American people house siege.
The United States said on Thursday Chinese government funded cultural centers at US universities would be required to registered as foreign missions. It's the latest sign of he deterioriating relationship between Washington and Beijing. US Secretary State Mike Pompeio said in a statement that the move followed a conclusion that the so-named Confusius Institutes are entities advancing Beijing's global propoganda and malice influence campaign on US campuses and K12 classrooms.
Rwanda is using mathmatics to compensate for shortages of the supplies needed to test citizens for the coronavirus. Researchers are using an algorithum when testing samples from groups of people and then each person in a group if the test comes back as positive for COVID-19. XX, a member of Rwanda government's COVID-19 task force, told AP that reducing the numbers of samples being tested means they can report to people being tested within a day. Rewanda is said to have concluded 300,000 coronavirus tests. Via Remote, I am Eliz Pompa. VOA News.      

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