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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-10-19 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20201019
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live from NPR news. I'm Janine Hurbst.

1.    Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer(49岁美女州长) is accusing President Trump of inciting domestic terrorism. As NPR's XX reports Whitmer made this statement today in response to Trump's campaign rhetoric in her state yesterday.
    At a rally in Michigan President Trump criticized Whitmer's efforts to contain the cv drawing___ shots___ of lock her up from the crowd. Trump also made light of a militia group's plot to kidnap the Democratic governor that the FBI says it disrupted earlier this month. Whitmer responded on NBC's "Meet the Press".
    "The President is at it again and inspiring and inciting this kind of domestic terrorism. It is wrong. It's got to end."
    Whitmer said the President rhetoric is dangerous for public servants who are trying to protect their constituents(保护自己选民). Trump's daughter-in-law Laura Trump disagrees. She told CNN the President was just "having fun at a rally".

2.    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden criticized President Trump for not condemning white supremacist groups and accused Trump of dividing the nation.

3.    Biden campaigning in North Carolina today, told a group of African-American faith leaders that unifying the country is important.
    "Four more years of Donald Trump will fundamentally change the nature___ of this country for several___ generations.
    Meanwhile President Trump made a rare appearance at a church in Las Vegas this morning.
    "I want just to say this's a great honor and you are something special, very special."
    He holds a rally in the state later tonight. Both men meet for a debate this week.

4.    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's giving the White House a 48-hour deadline to agree on a cv relief package before the Presidential election. And she says it has to include language on testing provisions that affect minority populations.
    "They took up to 45% of the language that we had there for testing and tracing. And the tracing part is so important because communities of color had been disproportionally affected by this."
    Speaking there on ABC's "This Week".

5.    A decade long UN arms embargo on Iran expired today. NPR's XX has more.
    Iran's parliament speaker calls the end of the embargo a great failure for the US government, and a great victory for Iran. His remarks to Iranian lawmakers were reported by the state news agency. The expiration clears the way for Tehran to buy tanks, war planes and other weapons. Russia has already signaled it's willingness to sale to Iran. Russia's Foreign Ministry says Moscow will take a look at military technical cooperation with Iran, calling Tehran a reliable partner for Russia. Iran's ability to pay for new weapons maybe an open question however. The country remains under p___ of the American sanctions re-imposed by the White House in 2018 after President Trump pull the US out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

6.    US futures contracts are trading higher this evening.

7.    Israel and Bahrain today agreed to establish formal diplomatic relations making the small Gulf country the fourth Arab state to normalize ties with Israel. The agreement caped the one-day visit by a high level delegation of American and Israeli officials to Bahrain. Representatives of that country joined the United Arab Emirates at the White House ceremony last month, marking the so called Abraham Accord, a pair of US-brokered packs with Israel.

8.    In Australia the people of Victoria, the epicenter of the country's second coronavirus wave are getting some relief today. As XX reports, restrictions are beginning to ease after 100 days of strict lockdown.
    The 5 million residents of Melbourne, the state's capital have joined one of the world's longest pandemic-related  lockdowns and the strictest in the country. Residents are no longer restricted in the number of allies they spent outside their home. The distance they can travel will increase to 15 miles. And stores and restaurants are expected to reopen to full operation by November 1st. In a state that only stamped out the virus in early June only to endure a spike a month later. The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he's not to win what is popular, but what is safe.
    "There is a lot of stake, and if do too much, too fast, then, we'll be when none of us ever want to be again."
    On Sunday, Victoria recorded just two new cases of Covid-19.

9.    Crude oil prices....$40.95

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