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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-10-31 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20201031
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NPR20201031 Homework

1.  President Trump is making a series of last minute appeals to voters in the days leading up to Tuesday's election. Trump is on the campaign swing through the nation's Midwest today. XXX from member station WDET reports the President told a crowd of supporters in Michigan that Democratic rival Joe Biden would lock the state into a dark, dismal凄凉的 winter.
  The President accused Biden of supporting trade deals that cost___ Michigan manufacturing jobs and repeatedly questioned the former Vice President's mental capacity. As else in the country Covid-19 cases are surging in Michigan. Trump promised the crowd a vaccine for the virus is just weeks away, contradicting caution from most public health experts about that timeline.
  "Biden will eradicate the economy. I will eradicate the virus and make the economy better than it's ever been. That's where we were. Now we are doing it again."
  Biden joins Barack Obama for get-out-the-vote拉票 rallies in Flint佛林特 and Detroit底特律 on Saturday.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is also making a last minute campaign swing through parts of the Midwest. At a stop in DES MOINES(得梅因,美国衣阿华Iowa州的首府), Iowa today, Biden took aim at President Trump's response to the cvp, claiming that Trump is waving the white flag and has surrendered to the virus.
  "Donald Trump, he simply given up at the debate last week. Donald Trump turned to me and said "We are rounding the corner; It's going away. We are learning to live it". But let told him. Now he says___ he's going to learn to die with it."
  Iowa is one of the several Midwestern states that have seen a recent surge in cv infections. The number of confirmed cases in the US surpassed 9 million today.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is self-quarantining after potential exposure to the cv. Georgia Public Broadcasting XXX reports Kemp has spoken at two events with a Congressman who just tested positive for Covid-19.
  Georgian Gov. Brian Kemp wears a mask in public except for speaking in interviews and tested negative, but his office said quarantining is a precaution. Georgia Congressman Drew Ferguson said he tested positive for the cv after experiencing symptoms Thursday night. Earlier in the week Ferguson and Kemp spoke at a counter rally a few miles away from a Joe Biden speech where most attendees including the Congressman did not wear a mask. On Thursday night the shared a stage at an indoor event supporting a state House candidate. Meanwhile President Trump has scheduled a big Sunday night rally in northwest Georgia, a region where Covid cases are on the rise.

At the close on Wall Street the DOW.....

The Clark___听不清查不到 University in Massachusetts has issued a campus wide lockdown amid fresh outbreaks of the coronavirus. The S___ University says commuter students will shift to online learning for at least the next week and on-campus students will be required to stay in their dorms. Exceptions are being made for food pickup or medical emergencies. Officials say the school will reassess the situation next week.

New Zealand has voted to allow voluntary euthanasia安乐死 for the terminally-ill. The country has also voted against legalizing marijuana大麻。 Preliminary results from the two referenda were released today and NPR's XX reports they show a potential shift in New Zealand's social fabric社会结构.
  With most votes counted, New Zealanders emphatically endorse euthanasia淡然赞同安乐死. 65% had said "yes", putting the country on course to become one of the few with a permit of assistance-dying. The Netherland, Belgium, Canada, and some states in the US are among those that had legalized the right to die. Organizers for the End of Life Choice campaign called the result a victory for compassion and kindness. The "NO" vote on marijuana___ is closer. 53% opposed legalizing it for recreational use, 46% favored it. One conservative lawmaker called it a victory for common sense. New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed Friday that she had voted for both referendums.


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