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homeworkThis is vio, a news by a remote I'm Diane Roberts the distribution of an initial two hundred million doses of the coven nineteen Vaccine developed by Pfizer biotech across the European union will be completed by september a spokesman for the eu commission said some German districts will not use the code nineteen Vaccine received over the weekend over the suspicion, the cold chain could have been interrupted during its delivery direct administrators told warriors TV and Russia's first big international shipment of its Vaccine three hundred thousand doses sent to Argentina last week consisted only of the first dose of the two shot Vaccine which is easier to make than the second sources told Reuters, Lebanon has secured about two million doses of Pfizer by intex Vaccine which will cover twenty percent of the country's nationals the health minister said Saudi Arabia's interior minister ministry extended a ban on entry to the Kingdom by air, land and sea or another week Amid concerns over the variant of the virus south Korean officials are vowing to speed up efforts to launch a public code nineteen vaccination program as the country announced it had detected its first case of the virus of the variant linked to a rapid rise in infections in Britain in medical development, Russia will begin trials of an antibody treatment for coven, nineteen patients next year according to the head of the Moscow institute that developed the country's first Vaccine against the disease by the serum institute of India the local maker of the Oxford astrazeneca coronavirus Vaccine said it expected the British and Indian governments to approve shots for emergency use within a few days Israelis who are sick with code nineteen will be able to cast their ballots at drive-thru polling stations that authorities hope will ensure a smooth election in march while minimizing infection risks, this is the way news. The European union unanimously has endorsed the post pride post Brexit trade deal with Britain set to go into effect january firms, the deal still must be retrospectively ratified by the European parliament which is expected in late february. Ambassadors from the twenty seven eu member states met in Brussels monday to approve the accord Britain's parliament is expected to approve it wednesday. With the clock ticking toward potential US government shutdown President Donald Trump signed a two point three trillion Dollar spending Bill sunday which he had previously criticized as a disgrace included in the Bill, the covert relief Bill, ap correspondent Mike Garcia has more the long awaited coated relief package that President Donald Trump threw down is now law after Trump signed the nine hundred million Dollar package sunday at his private club in Florida, the Bill includes one point four trillion dollars to fund federal agencies through september and includes end of session priorities such as an increase in food stamp benefits from held up the Bill by demanding two thousand Dollar relief jacks instead of the six hundred Dollar checks in the Bill that passed both houses of congress in a written statement from said he was sending back to congress a red lined version of the Bill with items he wants removed but the Bill has signed will not necessarily be changed, Mike rossi a Washington now that President Trump has signed alongside pandemic relief package, the senate's top democrat is urging him to make good on a demand, ap Washington correspondent sagamore the President spent days complaining the Bill gives most Americans only six hundred dollars in direct payments instead of two thousand a total his fellow republicans have already rejected people need the money sent an already leader Chuck Schumer says the democrat LED house will vote today on boosting the czechs and the President must then convince republicans to follow talk about it at. These senate republicans have followed you through thick and thin get them now to ads but they're likely to ignore the push for bigger checks saga meghan e Washington Bangladesh is going ahead monday with plans to move a second group of rocking job refugees to an island in the bay of Bengal although rights activists have voiced strong opposition about the transfer, Bangladesh's foreign minister said about one thousand refugees will be relocated to what he called a beautiful resort. Russia's foreign ministry monday declared to the Bulgarian diplomat persona non grata and tip for chat move after expulsion of a Russian diplomat by Sophia. The trial in China of a group of Hong Kong Pro democracy activists who tried to escape the city for Sanctuary and Taiwan opened monday.

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