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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-01-03 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210103
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NPR20210103  Homework
1.  More Republicans are planning to reject electors from certain states when Congress meets next week to finalize President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College win. As NPR's XX reports, they want a commission created to audit votes in what they called disputed states.
  The seven Republican Senators include T from Texas and M from Tennessee, and they are joined four Senators-elect who also say they'll reject electors from the states they considered disputed. Their reasoning is unprecedented allegations of voter fraud. But what their Saturday's statement does not offer there's any evidence to back their concerns. Nor does it specify the states. The group of Republicans joins Missouri Senator J who also plans to object. Their efforts aren't supported by most Republican Senators including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Hence their attempt to stop the certification is likely to fail.

2.  Doctor Anthony Fauci is advising the US to stick to the current protocol for administering vaccines that had been approved in the US that differs from what the UK is doing. NPR's XX has more.
  Fauci says he favors following the data about how to best use the two vaccines authorized for emergency use.
  "To give it on one day and then for Moderna 28 days later and for Pfizer 21 days later."
  Fauci also told NBC's "Today's Show", that following the British model was "under consideration". The UK is offering one dose to as many as possible delaying a second dose by up to 3 months. But Fauci later clarified to CNN that the US should not follow their model despite major delays in the vaccine rollout. Fauci says he expects the pace to pick up in the coming weeks. The new Covid relief bill includes money for states working to get the vaccine into people's arms.

3.  Starting tomorrow the Philippines is temporarily baring travellers from the US over fears of the new more contagious strain of the coronavirus that's been detected in 3 states. NPR's XX has more.
  The travel ban comes after three states in the US confirmed cases of the UK coronavirus variant with none of the patients having a recent travel history abroad. The spokesman for the Philippine President said the travel restrictions on foreigners coming from the United States will extend through the 15th of January. The variant has been detected in a rapidly growing number of countries that span from Europe to Africa to South America, the Middle East and Asia. The Philippines has imposed travel restrictions on some 20 countries and Hong Kong. Health officials say the higher transmissibility of the variant could increase hospitalizations and presser on healthcare systems. Covid-19 cases in the Philippines have now exceeded 475,000.

4.  In Philadelphia seven people are facing felony charges after allegedly vandalizing at least federal buildings on New Year's Eve. Police say they found dozens of people dressed in black at a historic US customs house and one person allegedly threw a brick to the windows of the federal building in court house. Anti-police and anti-prison graffiti were thrown on the walls. And a sheriff's van was defaced面部损毁. Windows were broken.

5.  A senior Pakistani official is promising his government will re-build a Hindu temple that was torn down early this week by an angry mob. The official says 45 people have been arrested. NPR's XX has more from Islamabad.
  Dozens of men set fire to the Hindu shrine and temple in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa earlier this week. In a video the incident that was widely shared on line the men went t.... to the structure with fla.... hammers. It's not the first time a Hindu temple has been desecrated in Pakistan. The country has been designated of particular concern by the State Department for its treatment of its religious minorities. But in a rare move, the chief minister of the province issued a statement promising his government would reconstruct the temple. The Pakistani official MH didn't give a time frame but vowed construction would begin quickly.

6.  The annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower [天]象限仪(座)流星雨 is to peak this weekend and these are the ....easier to miss ones, another Meteor Shower. The giant glowing tails on the end of the meteors may be visible tonight. It runs from December 28 to January 12. It will be most visible this weekend.

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