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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-01-12 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210112
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1.  The House of Representatives is rapidly moving toward impeaching President Trump for a second time. As NPR's TK explains, three of the lawyers who representative during his presidency will not be involved.
  JS, a profile constitutional lawyer who served as one of President Trump's personal attorneys through the Russia investigation and his first impeachment will not help defend Trump in his second impeachment trial, if it comes to that, that’s according to a person familiar with planning who is not authorized to speak give out the President plans. M and J, a husband and wife team of attorneys, who have also represented Trump are out as well. The White House didn't respond to a request for comment about who actually would represent Trump if he faces a second impeachment trial.

2.  Mounting numbers of US companies are severing their ties with the President's campaign or the family's business entities in the wake of last week events. ...firm strike says there will no longer process donations to the President's campaign. Trump had been successful in raising a steady stream of donations, list in through must emails, and text to his followers. The PGA is announcing it will not use two golf courses owned by the President, citing they'll keep the focus on the event itself and include pulling the PGA championship event next year's scheduled for Trump's New Jersey golf club.

3.  The nation’s Capital is steeping up security in the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. NPR's XX reports, extra safety measures have been taken around several major landmarks, including the Washington Monument, it comes nearly a week after a pro-Trump mob violently attacked the US Capitol building.
  Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is asking the federal government to issue a pre-disaster declaration in the District of Colombia.
  "This is necessary because the inauguration poses several unprecedented challenges that exceed the scope of our traditional planning processes."
  Bowser says the declaration would allow for additional federal coordination and extend the security promoter to include the US Capitol complex. The assault on the US Capitol building by pro-Trump rioter has prompted mounting concern and in some cases outrage over the lack of preparedness and choices made in responding to the crowd.

4.  The German company BioNTech which along with its partner Pfizer during the developing of the world's first approved Covid-19 vaccine says it expects to produce 2 billion doses in 2021, will ... up manufacturing. The company officials say with 3 manufacturing sites in the US and 3 in Europe operating are coming online soon. They expects to be able to double the number of doses committed for this fiscal year. The company says it will also up to expand the list of people can get the vaccine to include pregnant women and children.

5.  Stocks.....

6.  President Trump has bestowed the nation's highest civilian honor on a Ohio Representative JJ, J is one of the President's staunchest allies was rewarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a private ceremony at the White House today. Trump has been awarding his supporters with medals and other perks....before leaving office this month. J currently serves as the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee; he's one of the eight House members, who were part of Trump defense team during the Senate impeachment last year.

7.  The Swedish government now has the right to impose some coronavirus restrictions on its population under a new emergency law. TS reports, a temporary power has been granted as the country is the highest death toll in Scandinavia斯堪的纳维亚.
  Until now, the Swedish government primarily relied on voluntary compliance with public health recommendations,such as limiting social interaction, working from home or wearing masks. While much of Europe closed down, Sweden left bars and restaurants open in the view that lockdowns didn't work and that Swedish law didn't permit them anyway. But with Swedes dying at much higher rates than other Scandinavians, parliament voted to give the government more right until September including the power to close businesses and restrict the size of gatherings. Immediately, it was announced that shops, gyms, and private gatherings must limit the number of people, with fine threatened for violations. Prime Minister SL says he expects to use the law further in the very near future.

8.  What is traditionally one of the world's largest in person trade shows, the annual Tech Fest known as CES will be taking place in cyberspace. Generally tens of thousands of people descend on Las Vegas to take part in the annual technology conference from the video streams and chats, break on...., going on instead.

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