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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-01-14 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210114
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  In a bipartisan reuke, the House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump, it.... comes one week after a mob of pro-Trump supporters violently attacked the US Capitol building. NPR's XX reports, Ten Republicans broke with the party, making Trump the only US president to be impeached twice.
  Ahead of the vote, House majority leader XX pleaded with lawmakers to hold President Trump accountable for last week's violent insurrection.
  "Are stay in silent? Will we stay in silent? Will we not stand up and say? This is not acceptable."
  House minority leader XX says the President bears responsibility for the attack but argue that impeaching him would create further divisions.
  "It does not matter if you are liberal, moderate, or conservative. All of us must resist the temptation of further polarization. Instead, we must unite, once again as America."
  The Senate will not hold an impeachment trial until after the inauguration.

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting a Democratic attempt to swiftly call the chamber into emergency session for impeachment trial for President Trump. The Kentucky Republicans' decision was conveyed by a staffer who said all, but the ashore........ will be no Senate proceedings until after Democrat Joe Biden's inauguration, January 20th. McConnell had said he thinks Trump's committed impeachable offenses, but has not said how he will vote. It comes as the House moved to impeach Trump today for his role in.... inciting the riot that led to a takeover of the Capitol by pro-Trump loyalists.

  Meanwhile the President issued a statement today calling for no violence at.... expected protests surrounding the inauguration. NPR's XX reports, the statement comes as the House of Representatives pushed ahead on its vote to impeach the President.
  The President is being accused of inciting his supporters who stormed the US Capitol last week as Congress worked to certify the November election results. Republican representative Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump, read his statement on the floor during the impeachment debate.
  "I heard.... that there must be no violence, no law breaking, no vandalism of any kind. This is not what I stand for, is not what America stands for. I call on all Americans to help ease tensions and calm down."
  The FBI has issued a warning about protests and violence in states' capitals ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's Inauguration Day.

  Consumer prices took a slight bump up in December, but led by, slightly..... led by a sharp rise in gas prices. Labor Department announced today, December's 4/10 of a percent increase follows a smaller 2/10 of a percent rise the previous month. Even though it was not a huge number.....roughly largest increase in prices in some 4 months.

  On Wall Street....

  In Iraq, the US has designated a senior official a terrorist and imposed sanctions on him. NPR's XX reports, the State Department says he has close links to Iran.
  AMXXX, better known as Abufadak...., is the deputy commander of the paramilitary groups known as the popular mobilization forces. They began as a volunteer movement to fight against ISIS and now nominally under government control. But they have been criticized by the US and by many Iraqis, too, of having close ties to Iran. A State Department statement on Mohammed Adawi says that he is the former Secretary General of Qatar Hezbollah, an Iran-linked group, which is designated a foreign terrorist organization. Last week, another senior official in the popular mobilization forces was also placed under US sanctions for alleged human rights violations. Iraq's Foreign Ministry called that move event "unacceptable surprise".

  Conservation groups say they are suing the federal government contending it has acted too slowly on proposals meant to expand protections of critically endangered right whales露脊鲸. The suit filed today accuses National Marine Fishery Service of continuing to ignore conservationist petitions to expand speed limit restrictions on ships in US waters where the whales feed and give birth. Collision with ships is one of the top killers of right whales. Scientists estimate there are fewer than 370 of the right whales alive at the current moment.

Crude oil futures prices closed lower today, benchmark crude ending the session down 30 cents a barrel to close at 52.91 a barrel on the NYME.

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