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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-01-22 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210122
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Live from NPR news I’m Jack Speer.

President Biden has signed 10 executive orders related to the federal response to covid-19, as NPR’s Tamara Keith explains he says the pandemic here is going to get worse before it gets better.
In announcing his corona virus response plan, President Biden was clear-eyed about the challenges. He said the US will likely hit 500,000 deaths from covid-19 next month.
“This is a war time undertaken, today I’m signing an executive action to use the Defense Protection Act, and all other available authorities to direct all federal agencies and private industries to accelerate the making of everything that is needed to protect tests, vaccinate and take care of our people.”
Biden also wants to vastly expand the pool of people who can administer vaccine, still he said it is a brutal truth that it will take months to get the majority of Americans vaccinated, in the meantime he urged everyone to mask up. Tamara Keith NPR news the White House.

Law makers on Capitol Hill are moving quickly toward confirming General Lloyd Austin as President Biden’s new Secretary of Defense, the House is approving a waiver that would allow Austin to hold the position and in turn clearing the way for a confirmation vote in the Senate as soon as week’s end. The move comes despite some concerns on the part of law makers by preserving civilian control of the military. Law makers needed to approve a waiver for Austin because he retired from the service within the last 7 years, if confirmed he’ll be the first black Secretary of Defense in US history.   

FBI Director Christopher Wray will stay on in his post in the Biden’s administration, as NPR’s Ryan Lucas reports Wray has more than 6 years remaining in his 10years term.

Christopher Wray was handpicked by President Trump to serve as FBI Director after Trump fired James Comey, but Wray quickly lost favor with Trump, who considered Wray disloyal and frequently speculated about firing him. Wray held on though through the change of administration, but speculation renewed about Wray after Biden’s White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was non committal about Wray’ s future. Now a White House official tells NPR, Biden will indeed keep Wray on as FBI Director, in his time at the bureau, Wray has tried to keep the FBI focus on its work and out of the political spotlight. Ryan Lucas NPR news Washington.

Continued signs the corona virus ravaged economy is causing employers to hand out pink slips to employees, Labor Department reporting today the number of people seeking first time jobless claims fell slightly last week, but still totaled 900,000 a historical high level, pointed to continued economic weakness. Government says 5.1 million Americans continued to receive state jobless benefit down from 5.2 million of previous week, that might suggest some are finding work, others are likely goosing up their state benefits.

A mixed close on Wall Street today, the Dow was down 20points, the NASDAQ was up 73 points, the S&P was up 1 point.
This is NPR.

Shares of United Airline moved lower today after the company gave a weak forecast for revenue in the first 3months of the year. The United which lost 7 billion dollars last year as the pandemic wiped out travel plans, saw a shares fall more than 5% at one point. Airline CEO acknowledging investors are concerned since the carrier can’t say when they expect the travel to pick up again, United’s first quarter forecast is also weaker than some other carriers including rival Delta.

The office of French President Emmanuel Macron says France will not formally apologize for its 132 year occupation of Algeria, says symbolic act, reconciliation will instead take place to commemorate France’s occupation of North African countries.

No repentance or apologies are forthcoming for France’s brutal occupation of Algeria, nor for the 7 year war which eventually overthrew French rule. President Macron’s office said Macron is the first president born after France’s African colonial period, he once acknowledged France’s colonization as a crime against humanity, an acknowledgement none of his predecessors have made. But he’s drawn the line at a former apology disinclined to anger many on the French right, instead, France has established a memory and truth commission, a report on France’s history of colonization in Algeria set Wednesday. 60 years after the Algeria war of independence which overthrew French occupation, relation between the 2 countries remained strained. For NPR news in Beirut.

Long term Mortgage interests’ rate slips slightly, the average 30-year loan easing to 2.77%.

I’m Jack Speer NPR news.
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... remains stranded.

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