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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-01-27 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210127
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Live from NPR news I’m Jack Speer.

Federal prosecutors have now charged more than 150 people in connection with the riot at the US Capital and they are still going. NPR’s Ryan Lucas has latest on the investigation into the January 6th insurrection.

The acting US attorney for Washington DC Michael Sherwin says authorities have opened 400 cases so far in the investigation. He says more than 150 people are facing federal charges while dozens more face charges in superior court. The FBI and its partners are collecting more and more evidence every day, that increasingly now includes material from grand jury subpoenas and search warrants. Sherwin says that evidence will allow prosecutors to build more complex complicated cases, which could carry heftier charges such as sedition. Sherwin says he thinks investigators work on that front make their fruit very soon. Ryan Lucas NPR news Washington.

Senators who will be the jury in former President Trump’s impeachment trial took an oath today, to ensure impartial justice as they prepared to begin weighing the evidence, some republican senators meanwhile have already said they want to stop the proceedings, Kentucky senator Rand Paul forcing a vote on whether the impeachment trial of a former President is allowed under the constitution.

“This is not a trial of a president but of a private citizen, therefore I make a point of order that this proceeding which will trial a private citizen and not a president a vice president or civil officer violates the constitution and is not an order.”

Over that was rejected by a vote of 55 to 45 along Party line, senator majority leader Chuck Schumer saying Paul’s position is being completely debunked by constitutional scholars. Trump faces a single impeachment charge in connection with inciting the January 6th riot in the US Capitol, the Senate trial is set to begin in two weeks.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta says school may be able to open safely in person with appropriate covid-19 mitigation efforts. Member station WABE Sam Whitehead reports researchers found widespread masking helped to keep transmission rates in some schools lower than in the wider community.

In a new report, CDC researchers looked at corona virus spread in 17 K-12 schools in rural Wisconsin, from late August to late November, they found disease spread was lower there than in the larger community, only a handful of student infections were linked to in-school spread, with none recorded among staff members. Researchers say wide spread masking and keeping students in different grades separated helped slow in-school transmission. The report concludes that opening schools might be done safely with multiple mitigation efforts in place, and having kids in classrooms could make them more likely to comply with public health recommendations. For NPR news I’m Sam Whitehead in Atlanta.

Stock closed mostly lower today, the Dow down 22 points, the NASDAQ was down 9 points the S&P fell 5 points.
This is NPR.

European Union says companies producing vaccines on its territory must now share information about where the doses are being sent outside the block. From Brussels Teri Schultz reports the measure comes as AstraZeneca announces a huge reduction of initial EU deliveries.

The EU wants to make sure producers are not sending vaccines elsewhere first, when the block has helped financed development and production as well as purchased millions of doses. EU health commissioners Stella Kyriakides says AstraZeneca has failed to adequately explain why fewer than half the 80 million doses expected for the first quarter of this year will be available. Kyriakides says she’ll ask for export controls in part to find out where AstraZeneca has delivered.
”All companies producing vaccines against covid-19 in the EU will have to provide early notification whenever they want to export vaccines to third countries.”
The AstraZeneca vaccine isn’t even approved yet for use in the EU, that’s expected Friday. For NPR news I’m Teri Schultz in Brussels.

The federal judge is temporarily barring the US government from enforcing a 100 day deportation moratorium, it is a key immigration policy of President Biden, US district court judge today issuing a restraining order sought by Texas which sued Friday over Department of Homeland Security memo instructing immigration agencies to pause most deportation, judges orders in early blow the administration which has been pushing far-reaching changes sought by immigration advocates including plans to write a pass to citizenship for estimated 11million people living in the US illegally.

Oil was down 16 cents a barrel today.
I’m Jack Speer, NPR news.

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