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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-10-14 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20211014
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1.Social Security recipients are said to get a sizable cost of living adjustment next year .NPR's F reports it's designed to offset the cost of high inflation.
"Social security recipients will see their benefits increase next year 5.9%. That's the largest cost living adjustment in nearly four decades. It reflects the sharp jumping consumer prices that's measured by the labor department in July, August and September this year compared with the same period a year ago. strong demand and limit supply during the pandemic have pushed inflation to its highest level in 13 years. The cost living adjustment should help to preserve beneficiaries buying power but as least wages and payroll tax revenues get a similar bubble, the higher benefits are likely to drain the social security trust fund a year earlier than had been forecast."

2. The department of homeland security will reopen the borders with Mexico and Canada to non-essential travel starting next month. P of Texas public radio reports border commuters in the state are celebrating the move.
"The lifting off restrictions will mean a return of comers, tourism and reunion of separate families  in town along the border. K county's judge E who chars the Boston based Texas border coalition has ordered since last year to reopen the bridges connecting communities on both sides of the border."We were very very pleased with the announcement it's something that we had been advocating for almost a year now and we are glad that it's finally happening we wish it would happen a lot sooner but at least they say better late than never.  " US custom officers will still require proof of vaccination from all foreign nationals passing through the border crossings"

3.The head of the world health organization is warning that the humanitarian situation in northern Ethiopia is growing more desperate by the day. NPR's N reports little aid is getting into the region despite international police.
"The WHO's directing general T who is from the Tigary region of Ethiopia says the UN team in the rebel held region are recording the same levels of malnutrition that they saw at the begging of the 2011 famine in Somalia ."When people do not have enough food they are more susceptible to deadly diseases as well as the threat of starvation and that's what we are now seeing in Tigary.  "The UN says it needs to send 100 trucks of aid a day to the region to avert a massive famine bu the Ethiopian government has implemented in fact a blockade allowing just 10% of them in. The government says the UN is exaggerating the crisis."

4. Police in Norway say a man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people and wounded others in a town about 50 miles west of Oslo. The authorities say the suspect has been arrested and it's believed to have acted alone. Officials say they haven't ruled out the possibilities of a terror attack.

5.Film and television crew say they will go on strike on Monday if their union doesn't reach a deal with studios and producers before then. NPR's M reports Hollywood and some production houses around the country effectively be shut down if the strike goes through.
"The Union represents cinema photographers, editors,makeup artists, visual effect crews, even people who feed the casting crews as many as 60000 workers at all. The international alliances for article stage and employees or IRC has been   trying to hammer out a deal with the alliance of motion picture and television producers. That issues are living wages, meal breaks, weekend rest periods and more compensation for working on productions that are streamed online. IRC president R said the strike for a minute passed mid night Monday if a deal isn't reached."

6.Hurricane P is bringing heavy rains and high winds to the Pacific coast of Mexico. The national hurricane center says the storm made a landfall today just north of M with winds of 75 miles per hour. Forecasters say the remnants of P could hit parts of central Texas and southeastern of Oklahama later tonight into Thursday.

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