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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-10-15 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20211015
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1. An independent FDA advisory panel has recommended an approval for the M covid19 vaccine booster. It'll be a lighter dose available to those 65 and older as well as younger adults with health conditions. All those were concerned jobs. That's similar to the P booster already approved by the FDA. But doctor Eric, an FDA adviser, says he would like to see better information on the importance of the booster. "The data are not perfect, but this isn't P extraordinary outcoming and we have to work with in perfect data. " Several advisers questioned the emphasis on boosters. Eric said the focus should be on vaccinating the unvaccinated. The FDA is expected to decide on the panel's recommendation of M soon ,more than 720000 people have died from covid19 in the US. The adviser panel will also book at J&J's request for approval of its booster shot tomorrow.

2.Meanwhile Texas state senators are considering a bill to ban vaccine mandates in the state. From Houston public media Ander reports the measures will cold to fire recent executive order by the governor.

"Governor G included the vaccine mandate ban in his call for the senate's third special session and senator B quickly filed a bill that would ban mandates and allow employees to sue if they are fired for refusing the shot. "We'll recognize that employers and businesses have the right to under businesses if they see fit,we also recognize that individuals have rights to make those important medical decisions, when those rights clashed  as they do here, this is improper for the people working in suits, the legislator to get involved.  " Opponents to the ban include business groups who feared the measure will lead to a tolerance of lawsuits."

3. The whole select committee investigating the deadly attack on the US capitol says it will move forward with proceedings to refer former white house adviser S for criminal contempt. NPR's K reports that was a no-show for today's deposition to fire a congressional subpoena.

"The selective house committee's chairman B says  S is hiding behind President Trump's statements that executive privilege sealed his former officials from testifying. T said the panel is expected to meet Tuesday evening to vote on adopting a contempt report. Meanwhile an aid tells NPR that deposition expected this week from three other former Trump officials will be postponed. Ex-white house chief of staff M and former defense department official K are still in talks with the panel while former white house aid D will get additional time to testify after delay serving his subpoena. "

4. More than 10000 John Deer workers want on strike today after the untied Auto workers' union says it could't come at terms on a new contract with management. Workers walked off the jobs at plants in I, I and K demanding better pay and secure benefits for future workers. It's the first major walkout at the Agriculture machinery company in more than 30 years.
The majority of union workers who rejected the latest contract which  include a 5% raises for some workers and 6% for others.'

5. And a new assessment by the who finds that screening for covid19 remains very limited in Africa with only one out of every seven cases detected.
"WHO officials estimated that based on studies of fatality rates in Africa and other key data points about 59 million people on the continent have now been infected with CV. That's 7 times of a tally of reported cases, most of those been screened are either international travelers  or people reporting to health facilities with symptoms. WHO says comparing to wealthy countries, African nations still lacks sufficient testing supplies, as an example , they cited the United Kingdom which has a tenth of Africa's population but it's ministered four times the number of covid tests to date."

6.Wall streets higher by the closing bell.The dow gained 534 points that's up 1.5%.The Nasdaq and Snp500 both are up 1.7%. The nasdaq up 251 points.
The SNP500 up 74.US future contracts are higher this hour.

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