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Zachary Kouwe joined the New York Times in October, 2008 after stints as a business reporter of the New York Post and Dow Jones Newswires.




Austin police chief Art Acevedo was emphatic in his statement to the press. “Now I can tell you categorically that there is no cause for concern from a law enforcement or a terrorism perspective.”


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昨天的NPR,请帮忙挑挑毛病。后半部分有些地方吃不准。如:once dominated the broad boulevard it sits on等。

Police report to the incident say an unidentified man entered a hotel located on the fourth floor of the building across from the synagogue and threw a suitcase out the window. The bomb was described by police as four containers of gasoline and a vial of sulfuric acid meant to detonate the device. The case caught fire but failed to explode. The Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue, a late 19th-century building that once dominated the broad boulevard it sits on, is the largest in Egypt and still conducts limited services for the country’s small elderly Jewish population. Despite a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, relations between the neighboring states have never been warmed. In Egyptian political circles, being known as a normalizer or supporter of normal relations with Israel is considered an insult.

警方对该事件的报告称,一名身份不明的男子进入犹太教堂对面旅馆大楼的4楼,向窗外投掷了一只箱子。警方描述这个爆炸物是4个装汽油的容器和一瓶用于引燃装置的的硫磺酸。箱子着火但没有爆炸。Shaar Hashomayim犹太教堂是20世纪晚期的建筑,曾是它座落的宽阔大道上的最高建筑,是埃及最大的犹太教堂,还为该国的少数老年犹太人举行宗教仪式。尽管埃以签订了和平协议,但这两个邻国的之间的关系从未缓和过。在埃及政界,主张与以色列关系正常化的正常化派或支持者被视作是一种侮辱。



The United Nations special investigator says mega-sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and World Football often result in extensive violations of the right to adequate housing. As Lisa Schlein reports from Geneva, the investigator has submitted findings to the UN Human Rights Council.

联合国特别报告员称,奥运会和世界杯大型国际赛事常常导致广泛违反适足居住权。Lisa Schlein从日内瓦报道,特别报告员已向联合国人权理事会提交了调查报告。

UN investigator Raquel Rolnik says she has received a great many complaints and allegations of violations of housing rights from residents of city that have hosted mega-sporting events. “Particularly, on the practice of forced evictions and displacements, on criminalization of homeless persons and criminalization of informal activities.” Rolink says shantytowns often are erased without any warning and homes are confiscated without any compensation. She is calling on the IOC and FIFA to minimize the abuse by carefully scrutinizing bids before awarding the games. For NPR News, I’m Lisa Schlein in Geneva.


请问这个informal activities指的是什么?
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now more than ever 这个演讲题目是什么意思~ 有没有童鞋有ideas啊?~ 求解读~
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Soccer great David Beckham is facing weeks in a cast and more weeks of rehabilitation after surgery in Finland today to repair one of his achilles tendons. NPR’s Rob Gifford reports the surgeon says the tendon was totally torn, and Beckham will not be able to put much strain on that foot for up to three months.


Thirty-four-year-old Beckham who s became one of the world s most recognized sporting stars had been hoping to become the first England player to play in four successive Soccer World Cups. The four-yearly competition starts in South Africa in June. The collective groan of Beckham s injury will no doubt be heard in Los Angles, too, where Beckham is still on the contract to the LA Galaxy . And he is the highest-paid player in US
Major League Soccer. He was temporarily on loan to AC Milan before the US soccer season gets started at the end of this month. Rob Gifford, NPR News, London.


为什么和我用ITUNE订阅的 BBC GLOBAL NEWS 内容不一样?
samayise 发表于 2010-3-20 17:55
BBC这样的新闻(也包括VOA,NPR等)是24小时滚动播出的,每个小时都不一样。普特的NPR News以前也常常出现网通和电信音频不同的情况。但我不知道普特选的是那个时段的,可以向管理员求教。
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Stock Market Indices - A comprehensive listing of major stock market indexes including the NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500, Russell 1000, NYSE Composite and more.



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2147# gafpeyes






When Copernicus died in 1543,he had no idea how his theory that the sun was the center of the solar system not the earth would revolutionized science and the way we see the universe. He was buried in an anonymous grave in the Cathedral in Frombork in northern Poland where he served as a canon. His remains was assumed five years ago at the request of a local bishop and DNA samples were matched with hairs found in one of his books. Copernicus’ work is controversial as he removed man from the center of the universe,and challenge the conventional view of the Catholic church. The church banned Copernicus’ work after his death,and excommunicated some of his followers. But today he was reburied in the same Cathedral as a hero,in a lavish ceremony led by the head of the Polish Catholic church.

哥白尼于1543年去世,他没有意识到他的否定地心说的日心说使科学发生革命性的变化,彻底改变了人们的宇宙观。哥白尼埋葬在波兰北部弗龙堡他曾任教士的大教堂。应当地主教的要求,哥白尼的遗骸于5年前(   ),他的DNA样本与在他的一本书中发现的的头发相符合。因为哥白尼将人从宇宙中心中移除,挑战天主教会的传统观点,哥白尼的著作引起争议。哥白尼死后,教会将他的著作列为禁书,将他的追随者逐出教会。但是,今天在波兰天主教会领导人主持的隆重仪式上,他作为英雄在同一座教堂被重新安葬。


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His remains were exhumed (掘出尸体以检验)five years ago at the request of a local bishop, and DNA samples were matched with hairs found in one o ...
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Police in the Seattle suburb said the fire started a couple of hours into the New Year and moved through 3 units of a 12-apartment building.


2461# jxzhope
按我的理解,unit = apartment

搜索Seattle suburb fire找到的新闻稿中提到:
No other injuries were reported and the residents of all 12 apartments in the three-story wooden building  ...
ktdid 发表于 2011-1-6 12:57
谢谢你!我搜到一张照片 ,应该不是12层的公寓大楼,而是你说的3层木结构的公寓楼: