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It comes amid growing concern about Kennedy's battle with brain cancer
Senator Ted Kennedy has sent a letter to Massachusetts' leaders, asking them to change a law to allow them to quickly replace him in the Senate. It comes amid growing concern about Kennedy's battle with brain cancer, although aides say there is no change in his condition. Kennedy wants the governor to be able to temporarily appoint someone to the seat when he dies. Current state law requires a special election within five months of a vacancy.
amid就是这个意思,这句话可以理解为 Senator Ted Kennedy 叫他们快点找个人替代他的位置这件事,就是在越来越多的人关注他的脑癌这件事中间发生的。

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请教高手. 来自0823CNN .

President Obama trying to clear the air on his overhaul of health care laws. And in his radio and Web address today, the president called all the chatter about death panels "offensive and phony.
1.death panels 是什么意思呢? the president called all the chatter about death panels "offensive and phony.这句话怎么理解?

We are all for any other state winding their prisoners here. We do not want the terrorists in our backyard.
2.We are all for any other state winding their prisoners here这句话是什么意思.?


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The Eagles' quarterback was on the field for six first half plays.什么意思?
He completed all 4 his passes for 19 yards and even lined up a wide receiver for one play.此句什么意思哦?

Michael Vick returned to the playing field Thursday night for a preseason game. And the famously fickle Philadelphia Eagles fans welcomed him with a standing ovation. The Eagles' quarterback was on the field for six first half plays. He completed all 4 his passes for 19 yards and even lined up a wide receiver for one play. The Eagles beat Jackson though on Thursday's pre-season game, the score, 33 to 32. (98.29CNN)
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请教下各位 为什么我听15和50之类的总是会听倒 在CNN语速较快的情况下 该怎么去区分呢
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谢谢 星空和Native斑斑哦~

PS,native 兄弟贼懂blackhumor 嘛~


请问下各位 为什么每天CNN我听这个男的播的我就听的极差 几乎没有可懂性 整理完才晓得原来没几个生词
记得第一次做CNN的作业恰逢这个男的播 打击好大

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NATIVE 兄弟不要瞎想哦~

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Ken Browns and a RV Park have also been cleared out这句怎么理解哦?

Let’s take a quick look at some of our top stories today.

Eight US service members and two Afghan soldiers have been killed in eastern Afghanistan. Hundreds of Taliban militants surrounded two security outposts in Nuristan Province which is northeast of Kabul. Those deaths come as President Obama considers whether to pour more troops into Afghanistan.

Hundreds of mourners came together at Chicago this weekend to remember 16-year-old Derrion Albert who was beaten to death on his way home from school. President Obama meanwhile sending two cabinet members to Chicago this week to talk with school officials, students and residents there about school violence.

This morning, there were reports that poet Maya Angelou was taken to a Los Angeles hospital last night. We’ve talked with her publicist who says Maya Angelou is fine and she never went to the hospital, so just clearing that up for you.

Well, in southern California 45 mile-an-hour winds have just pushed a wildfire across the mountains and canyons of San Bernardino County. Check this out. Three homes have been destroyed and 50 others have been evacuated. Ken Browns and a RV Park have also been cleared out. This fire is only about five percent contained, so there is a lot of work still to be done. The cause, well, that’s still under investigation.

And United Nations inspectors will visit Iran’s recently disclosed nuclear facility on October 25th. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency made that announcement this morning in Tehran. He says it is necessary to send inspectors to ensure that the facility is "for peaceful purposes".



   数千名哀悼者一起来到芝加哥来悼念16岁的Derrion Albert,他是在从学校回家的路上被人打死的.同时,本周总统奥巴马将派出两名内阁成员与那里的学校领导,学生和居民谈论有关学校暴力.

   今天早上,有报道说诗人Maya Angelou 昨晚被送往洛衫机的一家医院.我们与她的经纪人交谈过,他告诉我们Maya Angelou身体状况良好,从未入院.在此为您澄清.

     在加州北部45英里每小时的大风使大火袭卷了圣贝纳迪诺区的山脉和峡谷.通过核实,在那已有3个家庭被毁坏,50个家庭被撤离.Ken Browns 和一个休闲旅行车停车场已经被清除.火势只有5%得到了控制,因此还有很多工作善待展开.至于,火势的起因仍在调查中.

   联合国检查官将于10月25号到伊朗察看最近透露的核装备. 今早国际原子委员会主席在德黑兰做出此决定.他宣称有必要派出检查官去检查以确保设备是用于"和平目的".
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RV park =  Recreational vehicle park  房车公园 休旅车宿营地

Ken Browns应该是Ken Burns,美国导演

那为什么美国导演要和 房车公园 一起被清理掉呢?MS说不通哦
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呵呵 可能问题有点菜 各们表要见怪呵
Hello,we’ll turn to the issue Number 1 now, the job scene. September was worse than the experts actually thought it would be. The Labor Department reporting 263,000 jobs were lost in September. That turns out to be 90,000 more, you know, so-called expert sorts of coming this out there were predicted. Yeah, it is only the second time this year the job losses were up from the previous month. The nation's unemployment rate hit 9.8% last month. That is the highest that has been in 26 years. Well, President Obama calls those numbers sobering, just more bad news to end this week on top of Chicago’s failed Olympic bid. President Obama is basically, Betty, echoing what a lot of analysts have said, and that is even as recession comes to an end, even as things start to turn around in an economy, unemployment always lags behind. That is basically what he said yesterday in the Rose Garden after coming back from Copenhagen, and it is also what he said this morning in his weekly radio and web address. Take a listen.

以上标红的三个地方怎么理解? hit 怎么表达?

"We certainly made progress on this front since the period of last winter when we were losing an average of 700,000 jobs each month. But yesterday's report on September job losses was a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts. And that we will need to grind out this recovery step by step."

"I do want to congratulate Rio de Janeiro in the nation of Brazil for winning the 2016 Olympics. I think this is a truly historic event, as this will be the first Olympic Games ever to be held in South America. And as neighbors in the Americas, as friends to the Brazilian people, we welcome this extraordinary sign of progress and the fact that 2016 Games will be in the Americas. "

On NATO says five US service members have been killed in Afghanistan, three killed in eastern Afghanistan, two in an attack in another roadside bombing; two others were killed by  a roadside bombing in Southern Afghanistan. A fighting has been reported elsewhere in the country today as well.
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2.As neighbors in Americas