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CNN 2008-2-19 有下面5个问题请教:


 Our first pictures of this explosion, as you see right there, just came from several I-reporters...

Q:I-reporters 是啥角色? 我听写的时候,理解成air reporter, 这里的I-reporters 还是不明白是什么意思


 The mayor there says that at least 4 people were hurt in the blast including one sent to a burn unit.

Q:burn unit 是啥地方?专门治烧伤的医院?

 And a school district in Michigan says that it is tossing out? ten tons of hamburger meat covered by what officials call the biggest beef recall in U.S history.

Q:tossing out = throw away 么?


 Meanwhile we could see the showdown at the United Nations today over,

Q:showdown means..?

 An official for the Baghdad International Airport says that 6 rounds slammed into a housing complex...

Q:housing complex means..?


没有想到这么快5个问题都有了解答,感动 嘻嘻,其实不是很懒了啦,只是不是很懂UN的一套东西,showdown究竟在汉语当中怎么把握意思不大理解,被版主见笑了 ANYWAY,真的谢谢你们
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回复 13# 的帖子

我不是高手,凑个热闹 个人觉得英语表达的语序还是挺灵活的,尤其是美式的,所以April“瞎掰”的理解我觉得也是对的。 另外month这里似乎不该有S,是不是听写的笔误呢? 期待大家的回应
1、The video shows a man in army uniform shooting a naked man who’s bound and blind-folded with the bodies of several others nearby.  中的blind-folded是什么意思呀?
2、The election has been beset by allegations of fraud and corruption and concerns about a low voter turnout, raising questions about how credible the process has been. 中的 a low voter turnout是指低投票率不?
3、The British broadcaster Channel 4 says it’s dropping its ground-breaking reality TV programme Big Brother after next year’s series. 其中Channel 4 究竟是加Big Brother 这个节目还是去掉呢?看drop感觉是去掉,可后文意思是节目很受欢迎呢,不明白了。。

1、He is believed to have complained about the use of fraud and ballot-stuffing by some members of the president's campaign team as well as other candidates. 中的ballot-stuffing 是什么手段呀?假选票吗?
2、The outgoing commander of the Darfur peacekeeping force in Sudan says that after six years of conflict, the war is probably over. 中的outgoing commander 是什么身份的指挥官呀?新闻发言人的角色吗?
3、There is a large amount of what you might call “guestimation” involved in all these assessments. guestimation在这里可以解释为什么呢?推诿?假客气?
4、The anti-corruption commission in Nigeria says it has so far recovered 170 million dollars in bad debts from five major banks which were bailed out by the Central Bank earlier this month. 最近经常看见bail out,是不是政府买单的意思呢?
Hundreds of people lined the road as the coffin, wrapped in the American flag, left the family compound at Cape Cod.  compound 在这里是family compound 中的一部分吗?指家庭成员?


1、The Democratic Party of Japan has promised radical change. They pledged to expand the welfare state and more than that, to curb the power of the bureaucracy which they say has dominated governments for too long. 中的welfare state是指福利吗?state又是啥意思呢?

2、This morning Indian-owned team which has never previously won a place on the podium had already upset the formbook when Fisichella took pole position in qualifying.
Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull was third. 有两个问题:1、formbook 是什么东西呀? 2、took pole position 怎么解释呢?


1、Kennedy will lie in repose tomorrow and Friday at the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.  lie in repose是葬礼吗?可是葬礼不是通常都在墓地举行吗,为什么跑到Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum去呢?
2、And there is a clear visual line to the Lincoln Memorial.  a clear visual line这里表明爱德华墓地与林肯纪念碑是啥样子的地理关系呀?
3、And a separate private study out yesterday, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index found housing prices rose in 18 of 20 large cities in June.  a separate private study 是什么意思呀?
4、One American was killed in Southern Afghanistan after an improvised explosive device went off while a second service member died in an attack in the eastern part of the country.   an improvised explosive device 这个爆炸装置的中文是什么呢?即暴装置?

A number of companies have agreed to recall millions of window blinds and shades following death of three children who got caught in the cords.不明白了,百叶窗把小孩困住致死了?


1、They are calling it a celebration of life and many expect the quintessential Irish wake.  quintessential Irish wake. 是什么东东?还魂?(sorry,我不是故意的)
2、The last year of his life was almost a gift, because he knew that he didn't have much time. But he was able to, kind of, take a victory lap. take a victory lap在这里是什么意思啊?
3、Commerce Department said today personal spending rose two tenths of one percent in July despite the fact incomes are flat.最近发现有些增长幅度都是用...tenths of one percent 来表达的,对应中文是不是千分之。。。呢?


3.The British broadcaster Channel 4 says it’s dropping its ground-breaking reality TV programme Big Brother after next year’s series. The format for big brother filming a group of people locked in a house for several weeks was launched in the Netherlands ten years ago but became a global phenomenon after spreading to Britain and beyond it. The BBC's media correspondent says the program changed television, turning ordinary people into celebrities.
问题:Channel 4 究竟是加Big Brother 这个节目还是去掉呢?看drop感觉是去掉,可后文意思是节目很受欢迎呢,不明白了。。

16.A number of companies have agreed to recall millions of window blinds and shades following death of three children who got caught in the cords. Recalls initially announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, involve blinds and shades made by Vertical Land Inc. in Florida and Lewis Hyman Inc., in California.

Tonight will bring more tributes, but also singing an old stories for the man known for his love of music and laughter as aides put it. Tovia Smith, NPR News.中的as aides put it是什么意思啊?