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[BBC] 【整理】BBC 2008-07-07

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http://www.sitmansoft.com --- ☆ SitMan 助您征服外语 ☆ --- [生词摘录] [要点摘录] ----难点句子记录于此 [我的听写] ----可在此处逐句听写 Mogern - the Ginbabuwei in opposition leader Mogern Jangrai has declined to attend talks chat by the Sa and present level and vekee in his mediating and Ginbabuwei (was..) crisis.The meeting at the present show offices in herrury would broad (Ms. Chang..) to gether was row( more ) . For the first time, to discuss the election disbute.but (expose) men for Ms. G set you refuse to attend because of doing so would imply (refignition) of the ( Garbay) at the present.However speaking afterwards and Vekee set goshiate settlement remain the best way for what. 'We do in deed need to move with some (speet), cross your own because that aweful never () the minds of ( nations)[cough].In order to act me as what it's a needs to be done to respond to the ().immediating, an (indi) we are also (uglit).um next suddenly, the () lead by Ms.() has been prepared.depart to do these discussions.' poliment in Argintina has approved a highly contrivertal ... expose. Farmers who have strongly poses the measures has stage the wide () past few months, withouting and rise the futural () cross the country.It threaten the new blockets major high ways and cut off farm expose of these measures were improved by poliment.So in present (), at Gorney the mask () involved in the voluntee confrentation with that gots and there have been many consualtees the serian observey tree for human rice set at least 25 person has been killed.one of the person isn't let () to set (eight) percent face blease.told the BBC he thought the number of death must would be much higher, he said it's many of 200 gards until the settle of the down.'They shackle the hands behind us, con.. the case of close and persations and beaters, a main source of the cron, they tr.. the cron.the moves couldn't accept this ensource of this crown, it would similar what happened in Abgrib or () obey. The ( ) be holding a large number of other () hostage () strengthen that bogerning persition.that's been no commint for the Serian of sorities. they rather of () international football () has been k not by () the oppodusing () doctor.please set younger brother no room has been false o.. car as he left night club import hard court. the BBC cross function in legal sides in the past year kick nothing relative of wealthy () has become a big bussiness for the numerous criminal Gangs in the () doctor.Jus.. F..ball who plays for the English team Abtain as it on holiday in () at the moment. Well news from the BBC, an international deligation has been visitiong around to try to encourage re() between S and S. the group includes north M, a former leader of the area Northern Irland.with suffer the three decates of crimial strive, Ms. M has ... the northern Irland government, set a rocky faction should realize that miniful process () is the only way to enter violence.Speaking to the BBC he'll stress the importance of sea's file. 'She looked at the area sociation of summer 1994,and fact that the politation () party () and () you can clearly say that () this fire was the () in history, leading to () as senior figure and church of England has critisize for new () for what he (), and special head of the church the () R.Willams, in the speech, the out .. a cuse the fellowship..confusing..try to.. 10 dr. williams..into the scape goat for the problem of the church.the fellowship perform by con.. last month to resist of what they see as..libral trans in the church.xx has more details. critise ..traditional list lines the majority of whose members refrican from a senior Yo..Do .. will resinating the church.however the airlines just disappeared have con... supported .. including ... dear lines .. as .. rather than crisising ... Dr. Willams himself. T.(tennis) and W.Williams has beaten .. a younger sister .. to retain 温布尔登 single's title she want hard effort match and straight size 7564 [原文]


BBC News with Mary Small


The annual summit of the world’s leading industrial countries, the G8, is opening in Japan. The Japanese had originally hold the topic would focus on climate change, but the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall reports from Hokkaido, concerns about rising oil and food prices are likely to dominate discussions.


The concerns already enclosed climate change here in Hokkaido, is the impact of rocketing oil and food prices and other shocks on the global economy. No one is suggesting a quick and fix solution, the US and Japan are pushing new cleaner technology as one tool to reduce reliance on the oil. On food, they’ve talked a task force to stop future crisis, easing trade barriers and boosting agricultural production is also been seen as the way both to bring down food prices and help the world’s poorest nations.


The head of the United Nations Development Program in Somalia, O A, has been killed by a gunman in the capital Mogadishu. He was shot in the head as he left in / a mosque. It’s the latest in a series of assaults on humanitarian workers and peace activists in Somalia. Last month, an UN official was abducted / / of the capital. Robert Issue has been repent by violence since the Ethiopian troops moved into Somalia to support transitional government last year. Austin Islamist groups.


Police in Pakistan say at least 15 people were killed when a suicide bomber targeted a police office in its capital Islamabad. Witnesses spoke of dead and injured people lying in the street with glass, blood and body parts. Many of the dead were thought to be police officers who were controlling a large rally of Islamists would gather in the city’s red mosque. The Islamists were marking the anniversary of the storming of the mosque last year, when security forces killed more than 100 people during the confrontation with militants. The Pakistani Interior Secretary, C S, declined to say who he thought was behind the attack.


“It’s premature to blame anyone, Investigation takes a time, and we / position to find if anyone is responsible for this one at this time. “


The former President of Cuba Fidel Castro has called on the FARC rebel / in Colombia to release all its remaining hostages following the rescue of the politician Ingrid Betancourt on Wednesday. Warren Bull of our American / reports:


In an article published in a Cuban state-controlled media, Mr. Castro said he I was critical towards what he described as the chromatics of kidnapping and holding prisoners in a jungle. As the same time, the man who heads the Cuban Revolution said the FARC should not let down its weapons. He said during the past 50 years, those rebel groups which had disarmed did not have imputed survive to see the peace.


You are listening to World News from the BBC.


A district governor in Eastern Afghanistan says air attacks by western forces have hit a wedding party killing more than 20 civilians, most of them women and children. A witness said a group of at least 80 people was mistakenly attacked. US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan said they had carried out precision strikes on militants killing several of them. On Saturday, President Helmet Kasai ordered an investigation into a report that 22 civilians were killed in coalition air strikes in the eastern province of Luistan.


At least 21 miners have been killed by a carbon monoxide poisoning in a coal mine in Northern China. The Chinese state news agency Xinhua said four miners were rescued while seven escaped to their home from Wujiu coal mine in Shaanxi Province. China has one of the worst records in the coal mine accidents in the world. Almost 3,800 miners killed last year.


Tennis, and Rafael Nadal of Spain has beaten the world’s No.1 Roger Federer of Switzerland to win his first Wimbledon man’s singles title, and he had stopped Federer’s five-year Wimbledon reign by winning nine games to seven in the fixed set. Jonathan Overan reports:


After almost five hours of still-bending sporting in drama in near darkness with both players hanging onto the Wimbledon dream is largely dependent on it. Nadal crashes to its belief / as Federer in his fourth match point / with a forehead. The previous match point is open saved magnificently by a resoling defending champion, who himself was only two points of record of single title at 5-4 in the final set. Nadal’s four week triple crown of Rolan Gathers Queens Wimbledon has never been won before the same year.


/ /, and the Mecloron driver Lois Hamilton has won the reign of British /, but at the last minute had the rest failed. She needs a three-way type to win the championship between / and /.


BBC News.


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The former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has called on the FARC rebel movement in Columbia Colombia to release all its remaining hostages, following the rescue of the politician, Ingrid Betancourt, on Wednesday. Warren Bull of our America’s editor reports.