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SE All-In-1-Min 每日生词

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SE All-In-1-Min 每日生词

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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, Fifth Edition

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Fourth Edition




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condo:n. the same as condominium.
           1. country governed jointly by two or more other states (由另两国或多国)共管的国家.
           2. (US) (apartment in a) block of apartments, each of which is owned by its occupier (产权为居住者自有的)公寓(的单元).

pancake:n. 1. a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle. 薄烤饼
                 2.to knock flat 移平,倒塌

building code :建筑条例,建筑规范

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overflow: v. 1. flow over the edges or limits of (sth) 从(某物)中溢出

                  2. spread beyond the limits of (a room, etc) 扩展到(房间等)的范围以外
                  3.with sth be more than filled with sth; be very full of sth 充满或洋溢某事物

             n.1 [U] (a) flowing over of liquid 溢出  (b) that which overflows 溢出物
                2 [U] something that is too much for the space available 容纳不下的人或事物
                3 [C]  outlet that allows excess liquid to escape 溢流管

surname: 1. n. name shared by all the members of a family 姓; 姓氏
               2. surnamed adj [pred 作表语] having a specified surname 姓...的

lag behind: 落后;落后于

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emigrant: to leave one's place of residence or country to live elsewhere 移民(本国移出)

died off:to die sequentially either singly or in numbers so that the total number is greatly diminished 相继而亡

hump: a fleshy protuberance on the back of an animal (as a camel, bison, or whale) 肉峰(如:骆驼)

llama:any of a genus (Lama) of wild or domesticated long-necked South American ruminants related to the camels but smaller and without a hump美洲鸵

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All-In-1-Min 2009-07-20

intensive careIf someone is in intensive care, they are being given extremely thorough care in a hospital
                       because they are  very ill or very badly injured. 重病特别护理

pose (~as sb/sth)claim or pretend to be sb/sth 自称或装成某人[某事物]

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All-In-1-Min 2009-07-21

pile-up: a road accident in which a lot of vehicles crash into each other (因若干车辆碰撞在一起引起的)堆积

chaos: n. a state of complete disorder and confusion 混乱

autobahn: n. a German motorway 【德】高速公路

low-lying: adj. not far above the level of the sea 低的



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All-In-1-Min 2009-07-22

recklessness :doing something dangerous and not caring about the risks or possible (here, negative) results

shareholders :people who own a proportion of a company, called shares which are worth more money when the company makes a profit

more involved owners : here, people who have more influence in how the banks are run

bonuses : an extra amount of money that is given to people as a reward, in addition to what they are paid in their salary (in the banking world, bonuses have been known to be very large)

those below board level : the group of people who are under the level of the executives in a company's hierarchy

subject to more scrutiny : likely to be investigated further in order to obtain information about it

notorious : well-known or famous for something bad

elapsed : gone past, usually used with a period of time

toxic : poisonous, bad or likely to bring trouble in the future


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hot spots:n. a place where there is a lot of heat or radiation
                      a place that is popular for entertainment or a particular activity
                      a place where there is likely to be fighting or a particular problem


hangout:n. a favorite place for spending time
                    a place frequented for entertainment or for socializing

glimpse:n.~(at sth) short look 一瞥; 一看.习语:catch sight/a glimpse of sb/sth
               v. get a quick look at (sb/sth) 匆匆看一下

plug-in:or plug in  1 : something that plugs in
                                 2 : a small piece of software that supplements a larger program (as a browser)



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enact:v. 1.perform (a part, play, etc) on, or as if on, the stage of a theatre 演出(戏剧等); 展现
             2.make or pass (a decree) 制定或通过(法令)

erode:v. (of acids, rain, wind, etc) destroy or wear (sth) away gradually (指酸﹑ 雨﹑ 风等)侵蚀, 腐蚀(某物)

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2009-07-25&07-26 ABC Video News

Words and Expressions:

logging: enter details of or about in a website登录、请求联机、修改注册

fray: a usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute 冲突

bastion: a fortified area or position堡垒、要塞

purist: a person who adheres strictly and often excessively to a tradition ; especially : one preoccupied with the purity of a language and its protection from the use of foreign or altered forms纯正癖者


You never know until you try, and you never try until
you really try!
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coalition: n. 1. action of uniting into one body or group 结合; 联合.
                  2.temporary alliance between political parties, usu in order to form a government 政党间的暂时联合(通常为成立联合政府的)

crackdown: n. 1. action that is taken to deal more strictly with crime, a problem, protests etc. 压迫; 痛击; 镇压

landslide: n. 1.a victory in an election in which one person or party gets a lot more votes than all the others. 竞选中压倒性的胜利
                  2. a sudden fall of a lot of earth or rocks down a hill, cliff etc. 山崩

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picturesque: adj. a picturesque place is attractive and interesting. 生动的,如画的


char: v. (1) to burn something so that its outside becomes black. 烧焦

         (2) to work as a cleaner in a house, office, public building, etc. 做杂役女佣


gut: v. to gut a building means to destroy the inside of it so that only its outside walls remain. 损毁房屋的内部装置

     n. (1) all the organs inside a person or animal. 内脏

        (2) the tube inside the body of a person or animal through which food passes while it is being digested. 肠子


evacuate: v. to send people away from a dangerous place to a safe place 使疏散,使避难


maximum: adj. the largest that is possible, allowed, or required. 最大的,最高的

             n. the largest number or amount that is possible or is allowed. 最大量,极点


tinderbox: n. a place or situation that is dangerous and where there could suddenly be a lot of fighting or problems. 易燃物




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cyberspace: n. all the connections between computers in different places, considered as a real place where information, messages, pictures etc exist. 网际空间


blogger: n. a person who blogs. 博主、写博客的人


skyrocket: v. if a price or an amount skyrockets, it greatly increases very quickly. 跃升、飞涨


entrepreneur: n. a person who sets up businesses and business deals. 企业家




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law enforcement: n. the job of making sure that the law is obeyed. 执法,法律的实施

misdemeanor: n. 1.a bad or unacceptable action that is not very serious. 坏事,品行不端
                          2.a crime that is not very serious. 轻罪

surveillance: n. careful watch kept on sb suspected of doing wrong (对涉嫌者的)监视

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stardom: n. stardom is the state of being very famous, usually as an actor, musician, or sports player. 演员的身份;演员们

registry: n. a registry is a collection of all the official records relating to something, or the place where they are kept. 记入,登记,登记名册

spectrum: n. 1. image of a band of colours as seen in a rainbow (and usu described as red, orange, yellow, green, blue,

                       indigo and violet), formed by a ray of light that has passed through a prism 光谱.

                  2. similar series of bands of sound 声谱; 频谱

                  3. (比喻) full or wide range or sequence 范围; 系列


panel: n. 1. separate, usu rectangular, part of the surface of a door, wall, ceiling, etc, usu raised above or sunk below  

                 the surrounding area (门﹑墙﹑天花板等的)镶板, 嵌板(通常为矩形, 高出或低於周围部分)

             2. piece of metal forming a section of the bodywork of a vehicle (车身的)金属板.

             3. strip of material inserted into a garment (衣服上的)镶条, 饰片, 嵌料.

             4. vertical board on which the controls and instruments of an aircraft, a car, etc are mounted (飞行器﹑
            汽车等的)控制面板, 仪表板

             5. a group of people chosen to take part in a quiz, discussion, etc with an audience (esp of listeners to a radio or

                 TV programme) (广播﹑电视中)与观众或听众一起进行智力竞赛﹑讨论等的一组人

             6. list of people chosen to serve on a jury 陪审团成员名单. jury 陪审团.

             7. (Brit) list of doctors who treat patients in a certain area as part of the National Health Service 国民保健署医生名单.

          v. cover or decorate (sth) with panels (用镶板)镶嵌(某物); (用饰条)镶饰(衣服)


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