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Live from NPR news I’m Jeanine Herbst.

1. In Nashville authority say the man suspected of setting an explosion in an RV Friday morning died in the blast. “Based on the evidence we’ve gathered at this point, we’ve come to the conclusion that an individual named Antony Warner is the bomber, he was present when the bomb went off, and that he perished in the bombing.” Donald Cochran is the US attorney for the middle district of Tennessee, he says they used DNA analysis to determine that the human remains found near the blast site belong to the 63 year old, he also says they believe nobody else was involved. Investigator searched Warner’s home yesterday, still no word though on his motive. 3 people were injured in the blast, more than 40 businesses damaged or destroyed, the explosion knocked out telecommunications to parts of Tennessee and surrounding states, but A&T says some cell phone service has been restored.
纳什维尔当局称周五RV爆炸案嫌疑人已经死于爆炸中。 “根绝我们现在收集的证据,我们已经得出结论,这名叫AW的人就是爆炸案凶犯。爆炸引爆时他就在现场,并在爆炸中死亡。DC是田州中区的检察官,他说他们用DNA分析认定现场发现的人体残骸就是这名63岁老人的,并称没有其他人牵扯其中。调查者昨天搜查了W的家,关于动机没有任何说法。爆炸中三人受伤,超过40家公司受损或毁坏,爆炸还导致田州部分地区和周边几个州通讯中断。但ATT说手机服务已经部分恢复。

2. President Trump has yet to sign into law a 2.3 trillion dollar spending package that includes an extension of special pandemic unemployment benefits that expire this weekend.  NPR’s Giles Snyder has more. President Trump renewed his demand this weekend that the one-time stimulus checks to be sent to most Americans be increased to 2,000 dollars. On tweeter he called the current 600 direct payment measly (
极少的), while also pushing his unfounded claims about the election fraud. The 900 billion dollar plus corona virus aid bill that Trump’s treasury secretary helped negotiate is attached to a larger government spending package. Congress passed the measure last week after months of deadlock. But the president now says it does not go far enough. And if he continues to refuse to sign the bill, those extra jobless benefits  for some 14million Americans hang in the balance (悬而未决/安危未定), the government could partially shut down tomorrow night, and a federal moratorium (终止)
on evictions would end later this week. Giles Snyder NPR news.
川丑还没有签署2.3万亿美元的支出计划,该计划包括延长本周末即将失效的特别疫情失业救助金。NPR记者GS带来更多报道。 川丑本周末再次强调了他的要求,将给大部分美国人的一次性刺激支票数额增加到2000美元。 他发推文称现在的600美元直接支付太少了,同时他还在无根据的声称大选舞弊。川丑政府的财务部长帮助协商的9000亿美元计划和疫情援助提案附在更大的政府支出计划上。经过几个月的僵持,国会上周通过了这些提案。但现在总统说这还不够。如果川丑继续拒绝签署这一题案,那些1400万美国人的额外失业救助金将命悬一线,政府也可能于明晚部分停摆,联邦驱逐暂缓也将会在本周末停止。

3. Japan will temporarily close its border to non-resident foreign nationals, in an effort to keep out a new strain of corona virus, NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul that several cases have already been confirmed in Japan. The measures will go into effect Monday and last until the end of January. Japanese citizens and residents foreign nationals coming from countries where the new
string strain
has been found will be required to show negative results from a test to them in the past 72 hours, and then be tested again on arrival. All of the cases of the new string found in Japan appeared to have been imported from the UK, except for one who is a family member. The new string first discovered in Britain has spread to several countries and territories in the Asia pacific region, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Japan’s case numbers remained low by international standards but they’ve been surging rapidly since last month. Anthony Kuhn NPR news Seoul.And the US has yet to report any cases of the new string strain.
This is NPR.
为了阻止新冠病毒新病株进入日本,日本将对非本国居民的外国人关闭边境,NPR记者AK从汉城发来报道称日本已经确认了多个新病株病例。周一这一措施将生效,并将持续到一月底。日本本国居民和本地外国居民在新病株病发国家回日本,将需要过去72小时阴性检测结果并在抵达日本时再做检查。目前日本发现的新病株病毒貌死都是来自于英国,除了一名被家庭成员传染的人。新病株首先在英国出现,并传播到亚太国家和地区,包括新加坡,香港和澳大利亚。按照国际标准日本的病例数字仍然不高,但上个月增长迅猛。 美国目前还没有新病株病毒的报告。

4. A Buddhist guru and a holocaust survivor are among the non-fiction authors who
have contributed to a rise in (连读,所以听起来像 risen) self-help book sales over the past year, NPR’s Neda Ulaby has more. The American Buddhist psychologist Tara Brach is known for her wildly popular online talks.

“The more freaked out we are , the harder it is to feel our bodies”.

And she’s famous for such best sellers as Radical Compassion and Radical Acceptances acceptance. Those titles along with Man’s Search for Meanings by Viktor Frankl helped propel a double-digit rise in sales in books having to do with therapy, mindfulness and self-hope. This is part of a not entirely surprising trend towards self-care, according to the NPD group, which tracks consumer habits. It says sales of candles and massage equipment have doubled since this time last year. Neda Ulaby NPR news.

5. There may be few people to see it, but the New York city’s Time Square’s getting ready for its annual New Year’s eve celebration. Today workers installed nearly 200 glittering Waterford crystal triangles on the New Year’s Eve ball, in preparation for a pandemic-limited celebration. The ball has a 12-foot geodesic sphere covered with more than 2000 crystal triangles of various sizes. And some new crystals are swapped in every year, this year’s edition features a new “Gift of Happiness” design. It’s represented by a sunburst of bright cuts radiating outward. The ball blazing with more than 32,000 LED lights will be dropped at 11:59pm eastern time to ring in 2021.I’ m Jeanine Herbst NPR news.