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Live from NPR news I’m Barbara Klein.
1. President-elect Joe Biden‘s incoming national security adviser says the Trump administration is not fully cooperating with the Biden transition team. Jack Sullivan tells NPR’s Scott  Detrow, it’s been 11 days since the transition was granted a meeting with the Defense Department.
Acting Defense Secretary Christ Miller has insisted the Pentagon is fully cooperating at levels beyond previous transitions, but Sullivan says he and other Biden officials have a number of unanswered questions about the massive government computer hack that’s been linked to Russia.
“What if any systems, whether classified or unclassified, whether directly connected to the Department of Defense or connected to major contractors, have been compromised, what the extent of those compromises and breaches have been, and what steps are being taken to remediate that.”
Sullivan says other departments have provided that sort of information, but not the Pentagon. Scott  Detrow NPR news Washington.
2. The Justice Department says it will not bring federal criminal charges against Cleveland police officers involved in the 2014 shooting death of Tamir Rice, a black 12-year-old who was playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center. Justice Department officials say the video of the incident was too poor to conclusively determine whether officers willfully broke the law. Today’s decision ends the federal probe.
3. Vice president-elect Kamala Harris and her husband received their first dose of the covid 19 vaccine today, NPR’s Frankl reports Harris said she did it publicly to send a message.
The vice president-elect received the vaccine at the united medical center which serves the largest population of African American residents in southeast Washington DC, Harris looked up and then away as a nurse from the medical center administered the shot in her left arm. Harris told the nurse she barely felt it, before addressing reporters.
“Literally this is about saving lives, it’s literally about saving lives, I trust the scientist and it is the scientists who created it, and approved this vaccine.”
Harris said she wanted to remind people in underserved communities that they too have trusted sources where they can go and get the vaccine. Frankl NPR news
4. Colorado governor Jared Polis says the first confirmed US case of the covid-19 variant originally found in the UK has been identified in his state. He says a man in his 20 has no travel history and he’s recovering in isolation. British scientists are still studying the mutation and believe it’s more contagious than other strains but not more dangerous. And more testing is necessary to ensure current vaccines will protect against it.
This is NPR.
5. For the first time in nearly 2 years, paying passengers took a US flight aboard a Boeing 737max today. The model was grounded following 2 crashes that killed 346 people. NPR’s Dave Misteach reports.
The Boeing 737max was grounded worldwide in March 2019
after its involvement in 2 fatal crashes, in Indonesia and Ethiopia. American airline used the plane on a short flight test earlier this month at Miami International Airport before boarding passengers on a Tuesday morning flight from Miami that headed to New York. The airline has become the first one that US flied passengers again on the Boeing 737 max. Last month officials with the Federal Aviation Administration approved changes Boeing made to a flight-controlled system on the plane. Since then airlines in Brazil and Mexico have operated dozens of flights with the aircrafts. America says it will warn customers when they book that they will be on a Max in case they are uncomfortable. Dave Misteach NPR news.
6. Influential fashion designer Pierre Cardin has died. His modern designs helped revolutionize fashion in the 1950s and 60s, and he’s credited with imprinting fashion on early ready-to-wear clothing for mass consumption.
In a career that’s spanned more than 70 years Cardin inspired many contemporary designers as well. Cardin died in a hospital outside Parris at 98.
On Wall Street today the Dow Jones Industrial average closed down 68 points.
I’m Barbara Klein, NPR news.