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标题: [文化博览] 【整理】2013-04-08 回顾迈克尔·杰克逊 Michael Jackson—3 [打印本页]

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    Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon  | 迈克尔·杰克逊:偶像的一生

    Featuring never before seen footage and exclusive interviews with Michael's Mother Katherine and siblings Tito and Rebbie Jackson covering all the highs and also the lows in the King of Pop's extraordinary life story uniquely told by those who knew him best. Producer David Gest presents a feature length, definitive portrait of his best friend Michael Jackson.




大卫·葛斯特是迈克尔多年的朋友,正是他制作了迈克尔·杰克逊独唱生涯30周年演唱会。这次,他制作并解说了这部全新的纪录片,并拥有迈克尔家庭内部成员,包括迈克尔的母亲凯瑟琳(Katherine Jackson)前所未有的全力配合和支持,凯瑟琳和家族成员在其中接受了采访。


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作者: 讲你知    时间: 2013-4-10 14:26     标题: [Homework]2013-04-08 回顾迈克尔·杰克逊 Michael Jackson—3

and on saturday he  would listen to grand de opera, they came up _show. Some of the people were ___ to ____, that's anxious, let me let the people know how old dining. We have a club called sub-dance.we used to give teenagers party for kids arounds there and that's where i  have met Joe. we were about around 17 years old. he was always asking for dance when the music is slow. he seems very kind,very sweet. Joe was very great, besides me, leaving singing with my sister, as a dancer with him and we were singing in harmony together a lot. Then the children came along, i kept singing. 23 hundred Jacksons Street,  and there a little house, i was  the only boy in that house. we had two bedrooms in our home. and i and my sister Jenny slept in a room and we have___besides our beds.    my brothers slept in one room and that room had a triple bot-bed and they slept in bot-bed. and my parents slept in other room. I don't know how to explain we have all these things in the little house. we have so many children, and we were so closed together. Every time when i got pregnant, i was just  i was afraid to tell Joe. we didn't believe in abortion, so that's why we got so many children. Children around our neighborhood are mainly boys, they were kind of mad that they break people's cars and do things. And our children are never allowed to go out at night or play with those kids.
They weren't very social in the neighborhood, they clutched to each other and that how Jackson was raised.
Poor, i mean, that was a way of life. we had got food to eat, we all had our kids near here.
Michael never thought he was poor when he was young, because he didn't know what poor was. he though everyone lived the way his family...

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And then on the Sunday, he would listen to Grand Ole Opty that came out of N, some of people were Ernest Tubb, that’s ancient, let people know how old I am. We had a club called sub-dance. We used to give teenage parties involved kids around there, and that where I met Joe. We double around 17 years old, he would always ask me for dance when the music was slow. He sing very kind, very sweet
Joseph was in a group, besides me leaving sing with my sister, I started singing with him, and we would sing and harmonise together a lot. Then the children came along, I kept singing,
230 Jackson streets in that little house, I was only one born in that house, we had two bedrooms in our home, and I with my sisters, Jane and L, slept in the living room, we had a couch that made up a bed, my brothers slept in one room and that room had triple bunk bed, and they slept on the bunk beds, and my parents slept in the other rooms. I don’t know how are squeeze all of us in that little house.
We’re having all my children when I was young and having them so close together, every time I get pregnant, I am just… that was afraid to tell Joe, we didn’t believe a abortion, so that’s why we got so many children. Children around our neighborhoods, especially boys, they were kind of bad, some of them, they would break people’s cars and do things, and our children were never allowed to go out at night or play with these kids.
They weren’t really social with the rest of the neighborhood, they clung each other, and that how the Jacksons were raised.
Poor, I mean, that’s the way of life, we have plenty of food to eat, we were like all the other kids in the area.
Michael never thought he was poor when he was young because he didn’t know what poor was, he thought everyone lived the way his family.

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