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标题: [文化博览] 【整理】2013-04-24 回顾迈克尔·杰克逊 Michael Jackson—9 [打印本页]

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    Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon  | 迈克尔·杰克逊:偶像的一生

    Featuring never before seen footage and exclusive interviews with Michael's Mother Katherine and siblings Tito and Rebbie Jackson covering all the highs and also the lows in the King of Pop's extraordinary life story uniquely told by those who knew him best. Producer David Gest presents a feature length, definitive portrait of his best friend Michael Jackson.




大卫·葛斯特是迈克尔多年的朋友,正是他制作了迈克尔·杰克逊独唱生涯30周年演唱会。这次,他制作并解说了这部全新的纪录片,并拥有迈克尔家庭内部成员,包括迈克尔的母亲凯瑟琳(Katherine Jackson)前所未有的全力配合和支持,凯瑟琳和家族成员在其中接受了采访。


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作者: 金良eko    时间: 2017-10-8 20:19

And there was just man’s house, who used to sell our candies, we just stopped there and just loaded up, we eat candies for days.
They had a studio at home and they had big these mirrors and stuff, you known, they would say do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again, you know, next do you know, seven, eight, nine hours go by, you known, but they were looking for perfection.
They were focused, you know, that’s why I like them about more, they were serious about doing and it was about perfection.
Johnny Jackson and Ronnie Rancifer were part of the early Jackson Five, they were not named the members but they were a part of the group, and an integral part of group.
Back then, we didn’t have the greatest instrument in the world, you know, another big name could favor have, you know, big PA and all that, Jackson didn’t have it, but what we had was soul. See soul goes long way, you have 10 billion worth of equipment, baby, but if you aren’t got no soul, you might worth**
One day, I was setting up a VIP section for Bobby Taylor, all of a sudden, I hear people clapping and hollering, so I come out the office and looked and there was Jackson Five, well, they are pretty good. Joe Jackson said, listen, man, we wanna be on Motown, and I said, man I can’t get nobody on the label, and he said, well do you know anybody you could introduce me to at Motown, I was so excited about it, I told Bobby Taylor that Thursday about them, he said I looked at them.
I met them in 1968, you know, at the Regal theatre, I was the headline show in the Show, they were the opening act, and I was introduced to them by the promoter.
Berry Gordy, president of the Motown, gave him permission to produce any act he wanted and they would listen to it.
He at that time had a group called, Bobby Taylor and Vancouver, they had records on the radio that were going on really well and stuff.

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