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标题: [word-lover] 【整理】2015-06-01 How to Use a Word [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2015-6-2 07:41     标题: 2015-06-01 How to Use a Word

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一、若是自己的听写稿且非头贴, 请发帖时标注"Homework".

二、若是改稿, 请发帖时标注"on 某某人"并在修改处标红.


三、请用Verdana 3号字体.


作者: cristianjey    时间: 2015-6-10 11:54     标题: [Homework]【整理】2015-06-01 How to Use a Word

Today's word is phreaker, spelled PHREAKER.

Phreaker is a noun that means one who gains illegal access to the telephone system. Here is the word used in a sentence from by Jose Pagliery.

Wire fraud spiked, and the FBI cracked down on phreakers and their blue boxes.

Phreakers are people who specialize in attacks on the telephone system. The word, which became popular in the mid-1980s, is probably a combination of the words phone and freak. Phreakers are also known as phreaks or phone phreaks. In the early days, phreakers whistled or used an instrument to mimic the tones the phone system then used to route calls and identify payment, especially as a way to avoid paying for an expensive call. Modern phreaking involves breaking into and manipulating the phone company's computer system, making it a specialized kind of hacking.

I'm Peter Sokolowski with your Word of the Day.

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