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标题: [影片快递] 2016-03-13 分歧者3:忠诚世界 The Divergent Series: Allegiant [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-3-13 07:57     标题: 2016-03-13 分歧者3:忠诚世界 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Movie Minutes:普特英语听力影片快递第440期: 



片名分歧者3:忠诚世界 The Divergent Series: Allegiant  又名:  分歧者3:效忠者(上) / 分歧者3:忠诚者(上)

类别动作/ 科幻/ 冒险

主演谢琳·伍德蕾/ 提奥·詹姆斯/ 迈尔斯·特勒/ 安塞尔·艾尔高特/ 娜奥米·沃茨

编剧诺亚·奥本海姆/ 亚当·库珀/ 比尔·科拉奇/ 斯蒂芬·切波斯基/ 维罗尼卡·罗斯


剧情在打乱了Jeanine(凯特·温丝莱特 饰)的计划后,Beatrice(谢琳·伍德蕾 饰)与老四(提奥·詹姆斯 饰)与同行们一起穿越芝加哥的围墙,却在外面的世界发现了更大的阴谋。被分为五大派别的芝加哥不过是美国基因局制造的一场实验,效忠者誓死维护的派别制度无非是当局进行实验的一条规则。而分歧者们作为基因纯净的人群,比其他人能看到更多秘密,随着实验事实的揭露,其他人赖以生存的基础、价值观统统被打破,叛乱即将爆发。为此,基因局意图重置芝加哥人的记忆,让一切恢复原样,而Beatrice为首的分歧者则势要阻止这个阴谋。

Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. 




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作者: ISO-Auditor    时间: 2016-3-15 01:20     标题: [Homework]2016-03-13 分歧者3:忠诚世界 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

But they also protect us.This can be ugly in the war.
Shouldn't when do this.
Go Go Go
No people out there check the silly cave  for 200 years.
That is not someome I wanna engage with.

Nothing you worry about, you're safe now.
Your arrival is the most exciting event, some of us ever know.
Hi boy
I am Britain.
Our surveillant technology century she had anything if known.
They go enough out watch you.
I think creepy out there.
Desire eats me if gonna friend to me.
Who are to fire upon?
I'll get you well, forget I am I.
I think you got hang of it.
In 200 years the greatest scientisfic mind live here to test the fairy.

If we did rescue people from intoxicant enviroment and put them in a safe place like Chicago, perhaps slay virtually.

Can I want those people?
You are the only one.
The worst sting is population that determine to destroy themselves.
How is going on you?
Your shouting is dell.
Chicago would be erased.
Everyone we know, no die, you're right all the long.
We have belief.
With you now.
Wher you go?
Certain I can get you out.

Defend you the other Taliban along.

Your time to destroy us.
Where are going?
We're sailing the city.
Shoot her down.
Pull up!


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