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标题: [影片快递] 2016-05-08 金钱怪兽 Money Monster [打印本页]

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Movie Minutes:普特英语听力影片快递第448期: 



片名金钱怪兽 Money Monster  又名: 凶钱直击

类别剧情/ 惊悚

主演杰克·奥康奈尔/ 朱莉娅·罗伯茨/ 乔治·克鲁尼/ 凯特瑞纳·巴尔夫/ 多米尼克·威斯特

编剧吉姆·科夫/ 杰米·林登/ Alan DiFiore


剧情电影讲述电视财经节目评论嘉宾李·盖茨(Lee Gates)通过内幕交易提示成为华尔街巨富,然而他的一位观众科尔(Kyle)由于听了他在节目里的建议赔得倾家荡产,一气之下绑架了他。这件突发事件被电视直播出去,吸引了无数观众关注,人们都想看看一个人的生命值多少钱。 

In the real-time, high stakes thriller Money Monster, financial TV host Lee Gates (George Clooney) and his producer Patty (Julia Roberts) are put in an explosive situation when an irate investor (Jack O'Connell) takes over their studio. 



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作者: weiboK_ty    时间: 2016-5-8 22:28     标题: [Homework]2016-05-08 金钱怪兽 Money Monster

Anyone who can get out. Get out right now. Do not look up. Do not make eye contact. Just go! Lee, stay calm! I am right here.
We are live in 5 minutes.
You have the mission for the old lady...
You are still making some changes...
Can I get the changes before the show or after the show?
You know that...
You just point the camera my direction, or we figure out together.
It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic.
Here it is: the wizard of Wallstreet himself.
The name is Lee Gates. The show is Money Monster.
Without risk, there is no reward. Should I sell? Should I load?
Get some bars! Light it up!
Who is that guy? Camera 2.
Come on, play about or go ahead?
Who it is? Anybody know?
(Sound of pulling trigger)
Is he a union thing?
(Gun shot)
Cut the thief!
What's in there?
Tony! Turn the cameras on! Turn the cameras on! Paddy!
Turn it on!
I wanna do! (Paddy said)
Turn it on!
Put it up!
Take it up!
Put it on!
I know I will blow up!
As I have a dead meat.
My god! Comes off the trigger and we all explode!
I am not the only con here.
I am not the real criminal as people like these guys.
(song: I got my finger on trigger)
I am telling you which with!
The whole damn thing!
(song: And I don't trust and I looking to your eyes.)
They are stealing everything from us and getting away with any clue. How is it even fair?
Just keep talking to him, alright? You are good at that!
(song: I got my finger on the trigger)
It looks a lot of money...
When the marketing ...
(song: My faith just stay in love)
They tracked down his girlfriend...
That was everything when it has...
Everything I said...
But you told...
(song: I am just trying to survive)
We need some answers!
Nobody was asking questions before. These guys could explodes everthing!
We both want some explanations for what if wrong.
We don't know.
You have to understand how delicate of a situation this is.
I take 80 people of barcode talking about delicate situations.
We are human beings. We are not computers. We have conscious.
I am trying to save now. You are trying to shoot now.
I wanna an explanation!
Follow the money. Find the flaud!
When we are together now, but you turn your back to anybody.
I don't want you to die.
Oh that god!
You came here to get some answers. You deserve to get some answers.

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