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标题: [word-lover] 2016-06-06 How to Use a Word [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-6-7 08:00     标题: 2016-06-06 How to Use a Word

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一、若是自己的听写稿且非头贴, 请发帖时标注"Homework".

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作者: ttpttpjohn    时间: 2016-6-7 11:19     标题: [Homework]2016-06-06 How to Use a Word

today's word is welter spelled

welter is a verb that means to rive or to toss also to wallow
it can also mean to rise or fall or to toss about in or with waves
welter also means to be become deeply sunk,soaked,or involved.
or it can mean to be in turmoil.
here is the word used in a sentence by Richar Brain  from lolla .com
as the breed weltered in  Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, the land-fill company river berch Inc. used helicopter towards to argue against the government's reopening of old gentantic land fill in eastern New Orleans.

the word welter can be used both as a none. meaning turmoil or chaos and as a verb. the verb is the older of the has been part of the English since at least the 1300s' while the early uses of the none date  from the late 1590s. both none and verb have roots related to dutch and germanic terms meaning to roll and both have found a place in historical english literature. the verb helps to demonstrate extrmely depair in the early Arthurian legend mort ar. with these words he welters and he wristles and he rinse his hands and in the 1837 tomas colil use the none in french revolution with this sentence i lived the whole biz in a frighful welter, none of them understands anything of govenment.

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