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标题: [商业新闻] 2016-10-28&10-31 英国关闭最后一家深层煤矿 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-10-28 08:00     标题: 2016-10-28&10-31 英国关闭最后一家深层煤矿

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Decision on new open cast mine 'could spell end of coal in UK'   

Campaigners are fighting to stop a company from removing three million tonnes of coal from a greenfield site in Northumberland.


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作者: xingxingcamille    时间: 2016-11-18 07:08


There are 13 surface mines in the UK producing coal. As we look forward to a brave new world outside the European Union, coal is one of the old problems to be dealt with. This wind-swept coastline in Northumberland sets the stage for that debate. Does digging up coal have a place in our economy?

“Tourism is actually very well.”

Behind the Junes in the drift café the owner told me what might happen if plans to dig a new open cast mine here go ahead.

"Thousands of people come to this part of our own. Well, our business is booming. We employ 18 local people full and part time and customers have said that if this mine goes ahead, then they'll go to other parts of Northumberland.”

A few hundred yards away, the fields that could soon produce three million tons of coal. The Council granted permission, but the government has claimed it change target to meet and caught the scheme in so it can decide. Nearby shorten mine shows what those fields will look like if it says “yes.” With coal fine power stations being shut down, does the industry really have a future? The mining firm behind the plans says yes.

"There is a market there for the coal in the medium term. And we believe it makes much more economic-social-environmental sense to mine the coal and provide the investment and jobs in Northumberland and the North East than to send that money abroad."

“I thank everybody first of all who join in us here today…”

For protest group against the new mine plans, it is responsible for a public inquiry which will be held next year. Campaigners are hoping the government will take this opportunity to kill off coal.

"It's certainly the case that the Government needs to really get on with phasing out coal power stations as it's already committed to doing. We understand that it's going to be launching a consultation on this soon, but it's also the case clearly that if you're gonna stop burning the coal there's no need to dig it up any more as well."

The beauty of this coastline is not dispute. Whether we should be investing in the digging up and burning off coal, here or anywhere else has yet to be decided.

Gerard Tubb, Sky News, Northumberland.

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