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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-06-11 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190611
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jeanine Herbst.
Former Nixon white house counsel John Dean testified before the house judiciary committee today, telling members he sees parallels between water gate and findings of Russian probe including the use of pardons and interfering with investigations. House democrats are holding a series of meeting this week, looking into former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and possible obstruction by president Trump. There is still no indication that an impeachment inquiry will be launched. But president Trump says there is a biggest difference between him and other presidents who were under investigaton, ‘when you look at past impeachments, whether it was president Clinton, or I guess, president Nixon never got there, he left. I don’t leave, was a big difference, I don’t leave’. Trump’s there speaking to reporters at the white house. Meanwhile the house oversight committee says it still plans to vote Wednesday to on whether to hold attorney William Barr and also common secretary Wilber Russ in contempt of congress for refusing to comply with the congressional subpoena.
Amid renewed calls for bans on gun silencers in the week of recent mass shooting in Virginia beach. US supreme court today declined to hear a case that could have expanded constitutional protections for those devices. Ves Hasel from member station KCUR has more. In the case two Kansas men were convicted of violating the national firearms act, and appeals court rejected their claim that the second amendment should apply to silencers. Eric Ruben is a fellow at New York university law school’s Brennan center for justice, he says it’s still possible that there is more conservative court will be more willing to hear second amendment cases, and that one shouldn’t ** too much in this decision as the court rejects most of the cases that’s asked to review, ‘it does mean that the supreme court was unwilling to disrupt with the law who had defined it’, namely the silencers don’t get the second amendment protection. The high court will hear a gun related case next term. For NPR news, I am Ves Hasel.
Two of the country’s biggest aerospace defense firms Raytheon, United Technologies have agreed to merge, NPR’s Greg Maire says this is raising questions about reduced competition among military contractors. If they join forces, Raytheon and United Technologies will become the second largest company in the industry, trailing only Boeing. Aerospace and defense companies have been consolidating for decades, the result is a small number of very large players, but Tud Harison of the center for strategic and international studies, says he doesn’t see a problem in this case, ‘I don’t think that they have a lot of overlap where they have duplicative capabilities, and so it’s not really a matter of narrowing the number of companies that could compete for defense contractors in the future’. Shareholders and regulators still have to sign off on the deal. Greg Mairy, NPR news, Washington.
Wall street higher by the closing bell, the DOW up 78 points to end at 26062, the NASDAQ up 81 points, the SNP500 up 13.
This is NPR news from Washington.
Fiat Chrysler says it’s partnering with Amazon backed Aurora to develop self driving commercial vehicles. The deal would allow the auto maker to use Aurora’s autonomous driving system around the world in Ram vehicles used for deliveries and other work duties. The partnership though would not affect the Fiat Chrysler still to provide hybrid Chrysler minivan to Waymo.
The Huston rapper Bushwick Bill has died, as a member of the Geto boys, he helped pioneer a horror ** brand of graphic southern hip hop. NPR’s Andrew Lenbang reports he died yesterday at the age of 52 after undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. The seminal Geto boys song ‘Mind playing tricks on me’ lays out a life up to crash in through settle thought and mental illness, and Bushwick Bill’s first, he and his friends get into a fight with a guy who never existing.
Bushwick Bill was born in Richard Shore in **, raised in **. He was also born with dwarfism, and didn’t like people underestimating him because of his size, as he addressed them one of his songs. Later in life Bushwick Bill became a born again christian, his final studio album titled ‘my testimony of redemption’. Andrew Lenband, NPR news.
Crude prices were lower by the closing bell, down nearly 73 cents at 53 dollars 23 cents a barrel in New York Mercantile Exchange.

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