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作者: SnowCh    时间: 2020-4-18 19:18     标题: [Homework]AP 2020-04-18 视频已修复,欢迎听写!

NY governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the federal response to the novel coronavirus outbreak Friday,demanding President Donald Trump stop watching TV and get to work.And mertern,the president Las Cuomo saying he should spend more time doing and less time complaining.
China is pushing back against Trump on the question of how the new coronavirus bagan to infect humans,Chinese foreign minister spokesman is taking issue with the theory that the virus escaped from a lab of Wuhan,the city where it outbreak again.
Conservatives are protesting outside minisoder governor Tim's official residents in Simpore opposing a state stay at home order.
For the birthday girl who has everything,a birthday cake in the shape of a toilet roll,a Russian pastry chef made this case to celebrate her own birthday.Natalia got hundreds of requests to bake similar toilet roll cakes but declined saying she didn't want to make money other the virus outbreak.

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