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HW on 6/13
  This is VOA News coming to you by remote. I am Jim Ramble.
  Two years ago the leaders of United States and North Korea had a summit in Singapore. There are apparently no anniversary cards being exchanged. Pyongyang media says they just literally use it to maintain the personal relationship between Kim Jun Eng and US President Donald Trump if US sticks to what North Korea calls hostile policies and China says United States should take concrete measures to address North Korea's concerns.
  Lebanon was set on street violence overnight after Lebanese Pound sunk to a new low against US dollar. Today it appears its country's Central Bank is ready to inject fresh dollars into the market to prop up the national currency. This is after angry demonstrators shut down the road across the country.  In Beirut, they started with Ashdod France, attack banks and set fires. All of these were amid repeated calls for the resignation of Prime Minister **** . It heavily indebted Lebanese government having been asking  international monitoring fund for its rescue plan so far without success.
  The Corona virus has India firmly ended its clashes with some ten thousand new infections  a day been reported.  India solo case count is approaching 300,000, fourth highest in the world. There are about 300 deaths today moving Indian life loss up to 8500. New Delhi is an especially hard hit. One worst case scenario shows  the capital could reach a half million COVID-19 cases by the end of July after the current 35,000. Despite those findings at the real life numbers, India has removed most of its lockdown rules. John Hopkins puts its number of Corona Virus cases number worldwide at about seven and a half million with loss of lives on its way to 423,000.
  There are rising COVID-19 case numbers in many US States. Literally, many of those have re-opened their economies in the earliest.  More than 2 million Corona Virus cases are reported national wide with fatality counting at 114,000.  This is VOA New.
  Wall Street was poised earlier today to raise some yesterday's massive losses when the Don Jones Industrial Index dropped 1800 points.  At this hour the Dallas was only 7 points. Shortly after the open, that number was 900 points.
  In Britain, nearly two decades of economic growth has been wiped out by the pandemic in a single month. London says the economy in April was hampered by the loss of more than 20%. It was the first full month after the lockdown condition. Bottom line, the British economy  today  was 25% slower than was in February as UK has toured its deepest ever recession.
  There is some good news on the pandemic in Australia when the Medical Officers Brendan Murphy says the Corona Virus has been eliminated in many parts of the nation. Fearing away for the resumption  of the sports and dance and for the foreign students resuming their classes. The plan was about to allow sports crowds up to 10,000 people next month.
  ABC NEWS was reporting that a lawyer of 75 year old man was shoved to the sidewalk by police in Buffalo, NewYork said his client is suffering a brain injury and stacing a new normal.  Social activist Michael ** was left merely on the ground outside the Buffalo City Hall on Jun. 04. *** was a protestor marking the killing of an Africa-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. He's been hospitalized ever since.
  Polling by **** shows that most Americans including the majority in the President Trump's Republican party support sweeping  law enforcement reforms, including the ban of chokehold and racial profiling. The survey shows a broad public backing for a Democratic party plan in Congress for a serious changes on how the police officers operate. Street protestors have been demanding  wholesaling restrictions on releasing. The President Donald Trump said he favors an executive order to encourage Police Department to meet what he calls the most current professional standards for the use of force.
  Critical charge of President Donald Trump appears to intend to treat the racial inequality and pandemic of secondary to his political future. He's planning to the major events in the states where there have been alarming upswing of COVID cases and from today, Mr. Trump has planned a rally in **** to Oklahoma on the day when the black America usually celebrate the end of slavery in the country. In June, 1921, ** was set by one of the worst racial violence in the United States when hundreds of Africa Americans were killed by white mobs.  The rally also comes just after the day of gathering for George Floyd, an Africa American who died in the hands of police in the city of Minneapolis. The Democratic body guard chairman in Oklahoma says this is Trump's time and he is loading some end and insensitivity.
  There is rapidly growing move in the United States to remove monuments in honor of famous figures and Confederacy. A collection in the southern states that exceeded from Union and won Civil War in 1861 to 1865.
  More news at VOA  online. It's also convenient and  easy to use the mobile app. By remote I am Jim Ramble This is VOA new.

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