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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-10 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200710
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1.    On a day when legal battles over access to the President's tax records and other financial information are at center stage, another key piece of President Trump's financial picture remains out of view. As NPR's XX explains, Trump's got a second extension on his annual financial disclosure filing.
Financial disclosure forms were due May 15th, but because of cv, federal officials got a 45-day extension. Vice President Pence filed his disclosure form on the new deadline, but PT got another extension. A WH official told NPR the P has a complicated report and he's been focus on the cv crisis and other matters. The official adds that while he has an additional 45 days to file, T intends to file asap.
Pence's relatively simple filing revealed nearly half a million dollars paid from a legal defense fund to his attorney in the Mueller investigation.

2.    The ousted US attorney you have been living investigations into PT's allies has told the House Judiciary Committee that attorney general William Barr pressured him to resign. Geoffrey Berman, the former federal prosecutor with the southern district of New York presenting lawmakers with a detailed accounting during a close-door hearing today. Associate Press obtained Berman's opening remarks and says he mentioned Barr "repeatedly urging him to take a different position of justice". Lawmakers are probing Politicization of the Justice Department under Trump.

3.    US Supreme Court has ruled on whether a large part of eastern Oklahoma is a tribe reservation. XX reports officials say that decision could cause legal chaos.
The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling means that most of eastern Oklahoma remains part of the Muscogee Creek Nation. And that prosecutors key pursue criminal cases against American Indian defendant there. Most of Tulsa is in the reservation that went span 3 million acres. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the decision that cast out on hundreds of convictions. Thursday's case centers around 71-year-old Jimcy McGirt who had argued that state courts did not have the jurisdiction to try him for a crime committed on Muscogee Creek Nation property. Mcgirt is serving a 500 year prison sentence for child molestation. Mcgirt could possibly be retried in federal court.

4.    Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is proposing broad new uses of the federal govt's spending in regulatory power to boost manufacturing and technology firms. Appearing at a Pennsylvania metal works Company, Biden says he wants 400 billion dollar four year increase in govt's purchasing of US based goods and services, plus another 300 billions spent on new research and development in US tech firms.

5.    Stocks closed mix today, the Dow down 361, the NASDAK was up 55 points, the S&P fell 17 points.

6.    Tropical storm Fay has formed off the coast of North Carolina and expected to bring heavy rain and gusty winds to parts of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England. Fay, the sixth named stronger Atlantic hurricane season at last toward to some 40 miles of east-northeast        . Tropical storm warnings are step up for coastal areas. Forecasters say Fay will experience slight strengthening in tomorrow before it weakens at the center of New England.

7.    There's been 25??? years since the Srebrenica Massacre in Bosnia, the worst killing on European's soil since WW2. XX reports that Bosnians are holding funerals for 8 recently identified victims.
Wearing masks and gloves, hundreds are making an annual 62 mile march through the forest of eastern Bosnia. It's the same route that Bosnian Muslims took at 1995 to flee Bosnian Serb forces. Those militias killed 8000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in ten days. The march will end at a cemetery where 8 victims will be laid to rest on Saturday. Bosnian Serb forces tried to cover up the 1995 massacre by plowing the victims into mass graves then bulldozing those graves to scatter the remains.

8.    Long exclusively male unit, a female soldier has graduated from the army's elite Special Forces corps and will become the first woman to join the Green Berets. Graduation at XX Camp in a yearlong program to move woman into more frontline combat jobs, she graduated today along with 400 other soldiers.
at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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