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SENEWS-20201019 Report

Technology   Report
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作者: wakeuplyk    时间: 2020-10-20 10:39

Car makers from united states and other countries are thinking about ways to manufacture and improve technology called an Exx or E-drive.this technology is quickly becoming an area of competition in automobile industry.The Exx or E-drive joins electric vehicles gear motor and power control is the brain that controls how the vehicle uses energy stored in its battery.this brain turns its energy into also helps to get energy lost when stopping the other words,a well designed exx increases a vehicle's power efficiency and ability to change also helps stand the vehicle's driving range and its smoothness.the technology has become a competitive area in part because auto makers are under pressure to cut electric vehicle's manufacturing costs.the goal is to make them cost as much as cars powered by gasoline.progress in new technologies is also important for efforts to cut pollution including carbon dioxides also known as CO2.Vehicle based on CO2 emissions are responsible for 17% of emissions from all sources says Yifei Yang.she is with the international council on clean transportation in WashinTon.Yang noted that the reduction in vehicle emissions has slowed as more people drive bigger, more polluting sport utility vehicles.other industry experts point to changes in countries such as china and india where more people are buying and using recent years,neidx has turned its attention to automobile and Exx.Morry is the company's founder,he says he wants neidax to control up to 35% of the world's Exx market by the year 2030.that market could be worth 20 to 30 billion dollars a year by then up form an estimated 2.8 to 3 billion dollars today.Morry has said he believes the way to become a market leader in Exx is to reduce the cost for the technology.the way to do that he said is by being able to produce every part that goes into an E-drive system.some automotive technology suppliers are working together to manufacture EXX systems.Japan's denso and aisen formed a group called blue Nickcess in 2019.This year US parts supplier VorgeVower agreed to purchase Britain based Delphi and Japan's hitachi automotive joined with 3 hxx group maker fotovagon,ford,toyoto and smaller japanese brands are each making technology groups in part to drive down EXO manufacturing costs.Electric car maker tesler developed its own Exo technology,but its unclear whether the company continues to use it in more recent testler models,noted ruiters news agency.General motors or GM,Nissan and some other car makers believe EXO offers such a large area for growth that they want to design and manufacture their own systems.GM believes they can better join EXO with the battery and the rest of vehicle making for a quieter,smoother and more economical drive said the company's head XXX

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