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this is voa news.I'm dying Roberts began easing travel bans Wednesday on on Britain, put in place to contain a new strain of code 19, but you can't officials believe spreads faster as w h O experts discuss the response to the discovery of the new strain set off alarm bells worldwide just as more countries, including Switzerland and and began vaccine campaigns to hold a pen that is claimed more than 1.7 million lives a year ago in China, the European Commission commission has urged Nations to open their borders to Britain and and replace with mandatory test thanks to Francis wreck relaxation of a 48 hour block aid, stranded lorry drivers in the you k were finally offered a way home after thousands around the port of Dover for for days under France's new new rules, EU Nationals and residents are allowed home with the negative Kobe test, Britons remain guard, giving the back of some trucks, there was little chance of making it across the channel in time for the holidays and clashes broke out with police as tensions boil over Britain has has to take another new variant of the Corona virus, health secretary Hancock said said Wednesday he he said both are contact cases who had travelled from South south Africa over over the last few weeks and said Wednesday submitted a full package about 19 vaccine medicines regulator while Canada has has approved 19 domination program wednesday with the senior citizen and a nurse among the first to be inoculated, this is the news, a senior european diplomat told reuters wednesday of brexit trade deal could be imminent raising hopes britain and the european union could avoid turbulent economic rupture in just 8 days, there was no confirmation from britain that deal was about to be struck, the 2 sides have given a dizzying array of conflicting signals over recent days and accord would insure the goods trade that makes up half of annual you k commerce worth nearly a half trillion dollars and remain free of tariffs and quotas fire and the site was closed because of its poor condition, deepening a crisis over where to house thousands of migrants during winter, the Center's former residents looked on his thick black smoke billowed from the site, which the UN migration agency had started withdrawing from earlier in the day because it lacked proper heating, electricity and other essentials for winter. There were no casualties, but the infrastructure of the site was destroyed, a police spokesperson told a f p 3 police officers were killed and 4 wounded in Central France Wednesday when a man opened fire as they responded to a domestic violence call it's, the deadliest attack in the years on French security forces outside of terrorism incidents and interior ministers several hours after  isolated Hamlet south of Clermont, 2 demonstrators were killed Wednesday in in a protest outside the police headquarters and the Zambian capital, where the opposition leader was being interviewed and a half reporter said police arrived to break up the demonstration and shots were heard leaving the bodies of 2 men on the ground after the crowd fled, he said the Central African african Republic, 4 large town which was seized by rebels Tuesday ahead of elections this weekend, is in the hands of United united Nations peacekeepers and national security forces spokesperson for the UN peacekeeping peacekeeping mission told a press conference civilians are starting to return the armed groups have been pushed back into the bush and quote with less than a month before US President president in the White House house Wednesday accused the incoming us administration

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