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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2021-01-14 [打印本页]

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impeachment proceeding against president donald trump set for wednesday in house representitive. president expected face of single charge incitment of insurrection stemming from deadly capital hill riot.
police say there would be no public access to the capital groud of president elected joe biden inarguration. also the FBI is warning the plans for arm protests set all 40 state capital head to inarguation.
capital hill suspect johnson lawyer met outside court, he was photographed telling a actor inside capital.he faced charges including violent entry and goverment property rap.
mayor * says newyorks city now has more than 160 cornorvirus vaccination sites open. he said two site give shots roundclock.

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Impeachment proceddings against President Trump set for Wednesday in the House of Representatives. The presidental susspected he faced a single charge incitement of inseraction, stemming from the deadly Capitol heal riot. He said there will be no public access to the Capitol ground for president elect Biden's inauguration. Also the FBI has warning of plans for armed protests set all 50 states capitals  ahead of the inauguration. Capitol Hill suspect ** lawuers met outside of court to photoraph carrying a letter inside of the capitol. He faces charges including violent entry and government property theft.
Mayor * says New York city now has more than 160 coronavirus vaccination sites open. He said 2 sites are giving shots roundclock. And the city hopes to administer 1 million shots this month.

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