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标题: [Report] SENEWS-2021-01-15 [打印本页]

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SENEWS-20210115 Report

Economics  Report

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President elect John Biden is proposing a coronavirus action plan that centers on mass vaccination in the United States and financial assistance to help the economy. The plan could cause as much as 1.9 trillion dollars. Biden sees the pandemic as the country's biggest problem. He said last week that my No.1 concern to get the virus under control. The plan aims to speed up vaccination of Americans by delievering more vaccin and working closely with state's local communities to get shots into the arms of more people. Biden has set a goal of giving out 100 million in shots in his first 100day. Right now. the US is vaccinating almost 1 million people a day. But it needs to get up to 2 million to reach  Biden's goal. Biden has said the plan would have billions of dollars to speed up vaccination. He is also asking Americans to look past their sense of pandemic fatigue. He warns a committment to wearing masks, practicing social distancing and avoiding large indoor gatherings. The President elect warns Congress to send more money to American states to help re-open scholls and to avoid laying-off teachers, police officers and health workers. Biden's incoming White House economic advisor ** told Routers the meausres may include direct payments of 1400 dollars to most Americans. The plan comes as a divided nation its experiencing the pandemic most dangerous wave yet. So far, more thatn 3700000 Americans have died. Biden hopes his plan would put the country on the path to recovery by the end of his first 100 days. "It's going to be hard."Biden said Monday, after he got his second vaccine dose. "It's not going to be easy, but we can get it done." Senete Demoncratic leader ** of New York said the Biden covid-19 plan will be the new Congress's first action this year. "But the biggest question for Biden is if he can win the hearts and minds of the American people to follow his lead. " Said Doctor**. She is a public expert and emergency facition. Under the Trupmp's administration, more than 29 million doses of vaccine have been sent, but only 10.4 million have got in the first of two shots. Biden wants to quickly increase that number by working closely with states and local communities to more people vaccinated. "It will need cooperation at all levels as well as rescources." said Doctor **. She is the executive vice president of the non-partisan trust of American's health. Experts say however that the biggest problem may be public suspicion about the vaccine. Research shows it is a big problem, especially among black Americans.  It's important to work to earn trust and build vaccine cofidence in communities.

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