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SENEWS-20210121 Report

Education Report

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* Herris has become the first female vice president in American history. The former senator from California took the * Wednesday. President John  Biden  was sworning minutes later. Harris not only became the first female vice president in the nation's history. She is also the first black person and the first Asian-American to hold the office. After taking the oath, the 56-year-old Harris hung his husband ** and then gave Biden a fist bump. She is taking over as vice president just four years after coming to Washington as a senator from California. Harris used two bibles to take the oath of office. One belonged to Supreme Court justice **, the late civil rights leader * has often said inspired her. The other belonged to *, who helped raised Harris during her childhood in the Sanfrancisco area. Harris entered the race for president in 2019, along with Biden and others. But later endede her campaign, Biden chose her as his vice presidential candidate. Supporters say Harris's path is actually meaning because she takes office at a time of deep reflection for Americans about their past and future. Demonstrations across the country aimed at directing attention to racial injustice and plice violence marked 2020. The United States also is dealing with the coronavirus health crisis. Experts say the pandemic has affected black and minority communities more than others. * Simon is a civil rights activist and longtime friend of Harris. In many folks lifetime, we experience a segragated United States. He told the Associate Press. You will know have a black woman who will walk into the White House, not as a guest, but as the second in command of the free world. Harris is the child of immigrantes, a stepmother of two, and the wife of a Jurish man. She carries an intersectional story, of so  many Americans who are never seen and heard, said  Simoon. Biden in his acceptance speech, commenting on the 1913 march for women's sufferage, the day before president ***. He said some marchers were attacked. Today, we marked the sworning in of the first woman in American history elected to national office.  Vice President * Harris, he said. Don't tell me things can't change. Harris's mother** was a cancer researcher who came to America from India. Her father was a economist from *. The two met at the university of California* and married in 1963. They split in 1971, when * was 7. Harris has often spoken about the deep relationship she had with her mother, won't she has described as her single biggest influence. I was raised to not year know. She recently told CBS News. Let me be clear about it. It wasn't like oh, the possibilities are immenced. Whatever you want to do, you can do. Harris said. I was raised to understand many people will tell you it is impossible, but don't listen. She added. In India, people in the small village where Harris has family roots gathered to celebrate her to getting the oath of office. A ceremony was held at a Indu temple in * where Harris's grandfather and her mother * was born. After completing religious activities inside the people, villagers went outside to cheer and clapped while some held up pictures of Harris. We are feeling very proud that an Indian is being elected as the vice president of American. Said **, a teacher.

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