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SENEWS-20210125 Report

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Home work
Many African countries are expected to receive their 1st COVID-19 vaccin XXXX in March.n From the united nations CO-VAGs affair-the world health organization's African director recently annonce the plan. The statement comes as depth on the continent from the  disease have been raising. CO-VAGS is a plan from the WHO,the European Commission and France defect their people employ and middle in common countries against the COVID-19. Masitiso Morvaty is the WHO reginal director for Africa, she told the reporters that a large supplier of the millions of ****- from CO-Vags is expected by June. It is the second major Vaccin announcement in one week for the African continent of 1.3 billion people. Last Wednesday the leader of the African union said 270 million ***** came from the byser,**,***through the*** of Indian.  About 600 million ** are expected to be provided through the CO-VAGS Affair, thoses are expected to be given to countries based on population size and varity of their health ***s.  Health workers will receive their first, as thousands of them have been infected. African countries are now recording about 30,000 new virus cases each day, compared the 18,000 during the 1st *** months ago. John ikinga Sung is  director of African centres for deisease control and prevention or African CDC, He said that confirmed death from COVID-19 jumpt 21% in one week in African wias more than 5400 reported.
The continent has more than 3.1 million confirmed virus cases including more than 35,000 death. This second wave of the infections is heading very very hard, said ikinga Sung. The case death rate in African is now 2.4% which is above the world rate of 2.2%. Around 20 African countries ** case death rates above the world average, they include Sudan at 6%, Egypt at 5%, Mali at 3.6%, Congo at 3.1% and South African at 2.8%. South African is one of the world's hardest 8 countries, a highly infections ** of the virus now makes up most new cases. The country has more than 1.2 million cases including 3,500 death. The WHO 's Moaiti said **** tests have found the new virus in 3 other countries, ***,Gambia and Zambia. The ****system cannot be overstated, Movarity said. African CDC director and Ikinga Sung said the fast growing number of cases means we run into short of supplier of oxygen. He has been seeking to increase the supply to African while the medical oxygen is not easy to get. Vaccin from cold bags are expeted to reach 20% of the populationin Africa. Officials are pushing to secure enough fuses to meet the goal a vaccin the 30% need it to achieve humidity against the virus. The VAG's nations were required a very massive the storing cantin of a kind that the continent has never seen, and Ikinga Sung said, they are all already concerns about how African countries would be able to store vaccins  that required extremly cold storage. And Ikinga Sung said African governments have been *** and hospitals in large cities. they are advised to the bring people to those points to receive the vaccins.
I am Alex Bryant.

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