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A year after his death of corona viruses covid 19, the residents in Wuhan said they remain grateful to the wisle blower jofter who first sound the alarm abou the outbreak of convid 19.The four he was received recognition. He came as visible figures in the city Wuhan where he was to to sound alrams but he was reprehended for spreading  rumors.Sinavax biotech said on saturday its vaccine of covid 19 has been approved for use by the general public by china's mdical product regulator.It marked the second vaccine approved for public use in China after one developed by Beijings institute affliated with state owned phamacutical group  while sino pharm was approved in december.
South Korean eased the curfews among half million restraunts and other businesses outside the capital seuol.Letting them stay open an hour later.Then made backlash over tight curb over to contain covid 19 after using agressive testing and tracing to blong several early waves of covid 19 with truting lawdones.The authorities haven't imposed increasing rigid distance rules as they fight latest wave of the epademic.
Bulgiria were called more than 160,000 ducks of after outbreak of bird flu on two duck frams that in January ,officials said on Saturday.The officials said the flu occured in the two farms by the same person with more 99,000 handling hands there this week.
In MM,thousands of people took to the street on Saturday on YG to denounce this week's coup and demand the release of the eleted leader ASSQ despite the blockage on the internat by the Military leader A.In eough well and anger, in the coutries largest city, protesters chanted Military dictator fail fail and democracy win win .They hold on bannners against Military dictorship.Bystanders offer them food and water.
A senior offcial of UN has warned the risk of atrusity crime In ethopia reamins high and is likely to get worse if the coutry does not urgently conback ethnic violence ,stahematization,hate speech, religous tentions.Un special adviser on the prevention of the gnerside said sh has received reports of serious huma rights violation.s and abuses. by the parties to the conflicts in ethop nother t region and its allies.A second senior leader of vast drug sedicate has been arrested.a thainisc official said as a transinational  drug net tightens on the sembo group which police say dominate 70 billion dollars anual ansia pacific drug trade.The october arrest of Hongkong Citicen Li Chasha in Bankok precided last year high profile arrest in netherland's CQL, a Chinese born Canadian who the police suspect is the top leader of drus cyndi also called the company.
Twitter's refusal to comply with indian governments  directive to block more 2 50 account 's post has put the social giant ath the center of fire storm of one of the key market.Goverment officials,business people and ordinary citisens are split over free speech and the US company's compliance practises.In a controversy that comes soon Indian's top lobbist leader in india resigned.
Indonesia locked down a large are of center zoo on saturday in the hope of defining the major protest back by the powerful labour union.Protesters were marking 2013 killing of prominent activists and they are also upset by police abuses that they say have parelled freedom in 2011 revolution which triggered the ear spring.

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