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VOA 20210213
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   This is VOA news, by a remote, I am Diana Roberts.
   Former US president Donald Trump senate trial for inciting insraction and its 4th day Friday with his defense lawyers laying out their case why the former president should be quited and inciting last month deadly riot at the US capital. Our UN the impeachment trial is an act of quote politial vengents and quote by democrats. The defense is expected to take 3-4 hours to argue that Trump is not responsible for inciting the January 6th riot which set lawmakers squampelly for safety and results in a deaths of five  people including a police officer. Trump's lawyers have said his reterick was protected by the US consititutions free speech guarrantee. and that prosecutors had not directly connected the actions of the rioters to Trump.
    Mr. Trump's former ambassador to the UN led a long time lawyer list Licky Heavy said in an interview publish Friday republicans were wrong. To support his campaign to reverve the 2020 election results and he shouldn't run for president again.
    Heavy Self is considering her own run for the presidency in 2024 and said she will not spoken to Mr. Trump since January 6th. The United Nations Human rights investigater Formier Amar urged the UN security council Friday to consider imposing sanctions and arms inbugles as 300 elected lawmakers urged investigations into the military serizer of power.
  The United States which imposed the zone sanctions Thursday took the floor to Human right council to urge other UN members states to follow suit. Meanwhile huge crowds gathered in cities around southeastern asian country Friday for a 7th street dave protest demanding the return of power to leader Ansansuchi.
   This is VOA news.  9:16
9:32 Trump thremars were sulting in parts of northern India including the capital of New Deli, Roiters of witnesses said late Friday, the intense of the earthquake was not immediately clear from official agencies. a quake of 6.2 magtitude was also felt in China's Chekishan Jinxian border region at late Friday.
   US president Jow Bydon pushed the first major legislator of achievement of his term Friday, turning to a bypartison group of local officials for help on his 1.9 trillion dollar corvola virus relief plan. Mr. Byton invited a set mayors and governors to the Overall office, and described what he said was a need to give those officials more help supporting millions of unemployed workers and reopening schools.
  The European Union's medicines regulater said Friday it has started a rolling review of Covid-19 vaccine developed by German firm Cure vact, the first step towards a possible authorization in the block. The European medicines agency said in a statement quote, priliminary results from labrotary studies and early clinical studies in adults suggests the vaccine triggers the production of antibodies and immune cells that target and closed the Corola virus. Which delays to deliveries of three already authorized vaccines, the EMA is under pressure from the EU's 27 member state. to spend, to speed more into service.
   Pakistan has proved China's Cansino biol Covid-19 vaccine for a emmergency use, the health minister said Friday, the country drug regulation authority had met and proved the vaccine following the company releasing  in Africa results last week. The multi country trial including Pakistan shows nearly 66% Afacseeing in proventing centimatic corvola virus cases and  in 91% success rate.
   Excuse me, stopping sigrent infections.
  Demacratic republic of  Kango has confirmed a 3rd a ball case this week, in North Kiru province. The provential health minister said Friday the case was found in the city of Butembo the api center of previous outbreak that was declared over last June.
  The United Nations of European Union and United States have urged Tanderous to investigate what they called a violent deaths of six young women in just four days including a nurse who died in police custody.  Andours police said they arrested the 20 setureal Saturday for violating the corola virus curfew and claimed officers have found her and her also hours later trying to kill herself. The hospital She was brought to said she was died on arrival. In a joint statement late Thursday the UN and EU delegation in Handera sais they called urge the authorities to carry out actions aimed at clarifying these facts.
   By a remote, I am Diana Roberts, VOA news.  9:58.

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