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SENEWS-20210213 Report

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    A books for food program in Quatamala is helping feed needy children as hunger rates rise during the corola virus crisis. The program began about a year ago in the city of CatsoTelango. It is run by a local nonprofit organization that aims to feed nearly 400 children. Bolafars Dias works for the program. He delevers books on his bicycle to people across the area. When people receive the books, they give them food on return. On a recent day, Dias dropped off a sociology book to the home of a local teacher. In return he picked up 4 bags of Incopirila , a high protain drink mix widely used in the country to fight child hunger.
Quatamala has long suffered high rates of child lung atrition. but the corola virus pandamic has worsened the problem. Since the pandamic hit, Dias has travelled more than 2000 kilometers on his bicycle. He has delivered lows of books and carried back thousands of kilograms of Incoporila for the non profit group 32 volcanoes. The program is simple. People choose a book they want from a list of donated tittles and in return give bags of Incoperila.
  By bringing the book for food program, directly to people's homes, the 44 year old Dias makes sure donations keep flowing. The hunger crisis has intensified as many people stay home to avoid catching or spreading the corola virus. People want to provide support but stay at home restrictions have gotten very strong, said Dias and actor by profession. People get motivated if I go to their home with my bike.
  Dias sometimes poses a small card that helps him carry up to fifty seven kilograms of products. He has travelled as far as 70 kilometers for delivery to a town in the western highlands where road conditions are poor.
  The world bank estimates that nearly half of the population in Guatamala's highlands, a majority indigenlas area suffers from mouner atrition.  Incoperila has been a life saving product for many families. One bag provides 24 servings and cost about 1 dollar fifteen cents. but that price is still costly for the families that 32 volcanoes serves said the program's co_founder doctor Beniters. The number of children her group serves has increased from 120 to 382 during the pandamic. Nearly a year into the books for food program, two more cycle lists have joined Dias and donations keep pulling in. On the Casteel, is the 29 year old high school teacher, who recently received the socialogy book, from Dias. She donates to the program often.
   The 1.8 kilograms of Incoperila she provided will help one family eat for a month. Casteel looks forward to choosen her books from the tittles Dias posts on social media. She told the associtated press that she also loves the feeling of a growing circle of giving and receiving.
  You might not get to those places, but your help can. She said.  Dias said he plans to continue cycling against hunger as long as the need exists. He has faced his own economic difficulties since the theater company he co-founded closed last spring. But the program has kept him active. It's an opportunity to serve in which we all benefit. Dias said, I ...

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