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VOA 20210214
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8:46 This is VOA News.  Via remotes, I am Moral Berman.
   US senaters voted on Saturday in favour of allowing witnesses in the impeachment trial of former president Danold Trump, extending the proceedings as lawmakers wave whether to convict Trump  of an enciting the January 6th riot at the US capital. The fifty five to fourty five vote in favour of allowing witnesses means a decision in the trial is unlikely to come on Saturday. Prior to the vote, closing arguements from the house lawmakers serving as prosecutors and Trump's defense attonies had been expected on Saturday after a week long trial.  A lenghier trial could stying the affects by democratic president Jow Bydon to move pass the controvercies surrounding his preticessor and push forward his own legislater of agenda and Covid-19 relief and ecomonic rivival.
  Dozens of oilland gas tankers carrying millions of dollars worth of a few cut fire on Saturday creating an infellow of Afghanistan's biggest trade acrossing with Iran officials said the blaze broke out early afternoon at a port some 120 kilometers from the city of Herit and golfing the tankers that were part nearly after crossing the border. At least 17 people have been taken to hospital, some of them with serious burns. Said the head of the local ambulent service. The governor of western Hirit province said that there aren't facilities to contain the fire, so they have asked the government of Iran for help. He added that the cause of the fire was unknown.
  A strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake struke late Saturday after the eastern coast of Japan, but now Tsunami warning was issued. US and Japanese authorities said , the United States gilogical survay said the quake occured at the dead 4 kilometers in the pacific of Fukushima.
  This is VOA News.
  And here are some of the developments around the world regarding the global corola virus pandamic. The head of the EU's desease control agency has warned that the noval corola virus could last indefinitely even as global infections slowed by nearly half in the last month and vaccine rolled out gathered pace in parts of the world. ECDC chief  Andrayi Arman urged Euopean countries inperticular not to drop their guard against virus that seems very well adopt to humans and might require experts to twick vaccines over time as it is the case of seasonal flu.
  Developing new Covid-19 vaccines will not in the pandamic and last all countries receive in a fast and via manner desease experts warned on Saturday, as several nations consider implementing vaccine passports when the international travel resumes. The others of a letter published in the Nonset medical general said, Vaccines start panning in worthier countries would only prolong the global emergency.
   Payroo which is facing a second wave of Covid 19 infections has registered a record number of hospitalized cases the health ministry said in the past 24 hours, 213 new admissions were reported from the total 214,333. The previous record of 14,181 hospitalazitions was reached on other 17th,  the infections and deaths were drippled  from the level at the end of December.
  On Friday the country's health minister resigned , admit claims that former president Martin Berskara was an arculative before the vaccine was available to the public.
  Iranian president Harson Rohanee warned of a 4th wave of the virus as cases rise in certain areas in the middle eastern country, hardest hit by the pandamic. He
said some cities in the south western province of Kusistan were now red which is the highest on Iran's coracurtive risk level after weeks of low alert level across the country. Iran has lost close to fifty nine thousand lives out of more than one point five million cases of Covid infection.
  Australia's second largest ciry of Morben went from welcoming thousands of fans or its grand tenis tentment to desert its city street of night as millions began a five day Covid virus lock down.
   For more on these and other stoties, making international news Headlines, we invite you to visit our website at
Via remote,  Lawral Berman, VOA news.

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