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SENEWS-20210215 Report

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  When Jow Bydon became president on January 20th. Jow Bydon,his wife took on an important job in  the American society. She became first lady of the United States. The position comes with no pay but it is influential. So many people pay attention when Bydon became the first of America's first ladies, to keep the job she had before her husband became president. Jill Bydon has a doctor of the education, and his professor of English at a community college in Virginia, just outside Washington DC. Some Americans might be surprised to learn that Bydon would keep her old job. An expert on the subject is Catherine Johnson, she is a history professor at Ohio university. Johnson said since Bydon is a teacher which is a traditional job for women, most Americans will except her outcide work, but Repery is a presidential historian at the university of Virginia, she said most Americans see presidents as father figures. She said that makes first ladies maternal figures and kind of mothers of our country.
   What about if there are younger women. Johnif Kenidy's wife Jeforlin was only 31 when she became first lady. If the first lady is a younger woman, Hery said, Americans see her as an older sister or granmris aunt. Howere, first ladies did not just stand behind their husbands, they often take on projects. Among first ladies, Alderol Roservolt was possibly the first to be remembered as an activist. She came to the White House, the official presidential home in 1933, after Franklin Roservelt won the election in 1932.
   Hery says some Americans start Arino Rolservolt pushed too hard for changes. She asked her husband to work on civil rights, labour rights and women's rights. She was always pressing for the social programs that she wanted and was much rival because of that, Hery said.
   While not every first lady was like Rolervolt, she set an example for those to come. First ladies have long been recognized for the causes they supported. Jackwin Kenidy work to ran away the White House and make sure it was home to historic art and objects from US history. When Johnson's wife, Ladyburg Johnson supported environmental protection courses. Nanty Rigon asked children to stay away from drugs.
   Guard Bush worked to help more people were leanrned to read. Micheal Obama was interested in healthy eating and planted a vegetable guarden at the White House. Carry said most Americans were happy to support those kinds of projects. But sometimes Americans state women in the White House do too much. Carry said that happens with Hilary Clinton. In 1993 she said, Bill Clinton appointed Hilary to lead a group that worked to change the American health care system. Carry said the public was not expecting in shaping policy. She had to go back to more self power approaches, to be first lady.
  Kape anderson for hour, is a presidential historian who wrote about first ladies in a book called first women. She said both mononian Trump, and Nancy Rigon had influenced over who work with president. Forhour said Trump did not like the way when adviser treated one of the people who worked for her during a trip or seats. Monoian Trump asked that the advisor be dismissed. Regon Perhour said, decided who would be in, and who was out.
   Clinton was not successful in her attempt that shaping health care policy, however Brower said she did suggest that her husband choose, Ruthbater Ginsberg as a supereme court justice. Brower said Jill Bydon can change the way Americans think about first ladies, but being both a working woman, first ladies, and a wife, She also said, there is likely to be a big change ahead, when one day a woman is alike that president.
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