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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2021-02-17 [打印本页]

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authority say north carilina say at least 3 people were dead and ten others were injured after turnado through CONY. offical say the turnado hit just after midnight in the ocean rich plaintation community.
archtectin columbia had designed in flatable room for cornouvirus patients that can quickly be set up in gyms and poping markets. the doom shape brooms can house two patients each and connected by flatable hall ways that help circulate air.
people at atstem being warnd not skate at city's frozen  cannels after spayed incidents were skated fell through the ahseets. video captured on sunday showed several people tried backed the cannot after the thin sheet cracked.
and private memorial severices were held in newyork for actor *. mouners gathered in hall long famed and bercony in backed church. the day after hundreds clients for popfueling.teson died junnary 28th at age 96.

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