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VOA 20210217
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21:26 This is VOA News.  VOA Remarktime Jill Paulker.
   Across the global democracy is undersee in the people continue to battle back. Nine prominent Hongkong democracy edicates face trial today on charges of organizing an unauthorized assembly in August 2019,among the defendence backtrim actorgenerian lawyer and reputively Hongkong's father of democracy Martin Lee, and the media of Taikong Jillmi lie. Other defendence in clude Li Quokeyang.  there is a law become illegal. There will become a instrument of political suppression and political prosecution, it is very sad to witness that keep the race of the law of rule of Hongkong. into a rule by fear.
  Lee held a banner saying peaceful assembly is not a crime. Shame on political prosecution.
   Boot his month were at the four front of marches in Liangang and Mandelay on Tuesday, as empty crew protesters in Millmar would to keep up the momentum of opposition to the Feburary First military takeover. The support of the Buddist Clarchi is an imporant that it would be seen as postowing moral authority on the protest movement. in a uprising against miliray rule in 2007. Monstor plays such a key part that it become known as the surf on revolution after the color of the roabs.
  Iraq attack in northern Iraq late Monday killed a contractor for the US led coalition and injured at least 9 other people. A little known group Suraiya Aliwa Ardown claimed responsibility for the attack, An Iraqi officials saying the groups have ties to Iran, White House spokeswoman Jan Sucky. We're still working through attribution with our Iraqi partners to determine precise attribution for this attack, of this is our priority, I will convey that we are outraged by Iraq.This is VOA News.
   An overcrowded bus drove out of bridge into a Kernow in central India,  Tuesday killing at least 42 people. Police and witnesses at the scenes said the bus was travelling from city district to Sartena, early Monday when the driver lost control was across the bridge of Kinnow, they say the bus was completely si merged in local officials ordered the water cut off the Merkinow to aid the search and rescue process.
  Iran's foreign ministry on Monday criticized US president Jill Byden for retaining sanctions against Iran that will impose by former president Danold Trump, calling it a matter of shame. Foreign ministry spokesman Saryid cut tables a day.  He said the United Nations has not change from the Trump berial regarding the  imposition sanctions and this could be a matter of shame for those who found the election compaign on distance in themselves from the Trump administrations  bowling policies. Trump in the naddle will withdrew the US the Iranian nuclear according 2018, a deal that it had curved Iran's Uranium enrichment capabilities. and exchange for the lifting of ecenomic sanctions.  A year after the US pull out Teheran decided to decrease its comitments in the deal.
    It's a career sites, no falling on one of the US most story landmarks. The animal with legend the Americans David Crock in Shinbuyi met the tragic and it fight against Mixco typicaly are near doze of serving now looking more like a Chrismas card.
  A winter storm dropping snow and ice also sent temperatures plundging across the sourthen planes, prompting a power of emergency and attacks a day after conditions cancelled flies and impact traffic across large swots of the US.
  The council rotating power out just were initiated by the electrical  reliability council of taxes or aircut, early Monday morning meaning thousands went without electricity for short periods as temperatures fell into the teens near Dalas, and 20s around Husiton.
   The world health organization has granted an emergency autorization, the Corola virus vaccine made by Astry Senika an ox for university. The move should allow the UN health agencies partners to ship millions of dozes to countryies as part of the UN back program to tame the pandamic.
  For more on all these stories, for sure to visit our website, at This is Jill Palker, reporting by remote, and this is VOA News. 22:01

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