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NPR NEWS 20210219
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Live from NPR news I’m Jack Speer.

The winter weather continues to disrupt shipments of corona virus vaccines around the US, some states and cities are reporting the next round of doses hasn't yet arrived, and that may cause delays or cancelations of more appointments. From Seattle Will Stone reports.

Washington state estimates more than 90% of this week’s expected allocation of covid vaccines will be delayed. The Moderna doses have not yet shipped and Pfizer shots are also limited. Some appointments are being canceled. Michelle Robert is with the Washington Department of Health.  
“We hope deliveries will happen later this week, but we are in a holding pattern until the weather on the east coast lightens up.”
Across the south and the mid-west, some states have also closed vaccine sites this week due to weather. In Las Vegas thousands of second shot appointments are being pushed back. For NPR news I’m Will Stone in Seattle.
Congressional democrats have rolled out a sweeping immigration bill modeled after a proposal from President Biden, NPR’s Claudio Sanchez reports it’s unclear if the plan will draw any republican supports.

More than a dozen democratic law makers introduced the US Citizenship Act of 2021, the legislation would create a path for citizenship for an estimated 7 million undocumented immigrant currently in the US. Here’s Senator Bob Menendez:”These are good and decent people who believe in the promise of American down to their bones.”
But the plan has not drawn any republican support which could be key for passage, the legislation’s approval requires 60 votes in the Senate where democrats only have a simple majority, a 51 votes. It’s unclear if democrats will consider additional options to approve the bill without bipartisan support. Claudio Sanchez NPR news Washington.

“Touchdown confirmed. Perseverance safely on the surface of Mars, ready to begin seeking the signs of past life. “
The culmination of a 300million mile journey today with the touchdown of the rover Perseverance on the Martian surface, landing that completed by is part of the mission placing the car-sized plutonium powered rover on the 5 by 4 miles strip. The feat's likened to throwing a dart from Washington DC and heading a bull’s-eye in Dallas. The rover’s camera almost immediately began broadcasting pictures from the Martian surface, the rover nicknamed Percy will spend the next 2 years collecting rock samples and other material that in some future day be collected by another mission and return to earth.

In the latest sign the corona virus pandemic damaged the economy and there’s still a ways to go before recovery, the number of people filing first time jobless claim took a bump up, the Labor Department says applications for laid-off workers rose by 13,000 last week to a total of 861,000.

Stocks closed lower, the Dow was down 119points, the NASDAQ fell 100 points.
This is NPR.

Former US Senator and one-time republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole announced today he is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer, the former Senate majority leader is97 years-old. NPR’s Don Gonyea has more.

Bob Dole is an icon of 20th century American politics during World War II ,he suffered life threatening wounds on the battle field, back home after rehab he entered politics in his native Kansas, he severed in the US Senate some 27 years, and was the GOP presidential nominee in 1996, here’s his acceptance speech.
“Tonight I stand before you, tested by adversity, made sensitive by hardship, a fighter by principle and the most optimistic man in America.”

He lost that race to President Bill Clinton, Dole revealed his illness via twitter saying he begins treatment next week, adding that he joins millions of Americans facing significant health challenges. Don Gonyea NPR news Washington.

The political future for former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump apparently does not include a Senate run in 2022 in Florida, Trump’s eldest daughter telling Florida Senator Marco Rubio she does not intend to run for seat then, as she settles into life post-Washington, the two have reportedly discussed the idea of appearing in a joint event, conversation coming today after Trump declined to comment on his political future saying it was too soon, talk about whether he might run again in 2024.

Crude oil futures’ prices moved lower today, oil ended the session down 62 cents a barrel, to close at 52 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

I’m Jack Speer, NPR news.

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