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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2021-02-20 [打印本页]

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as texas remains in the grip of unprecendent freeze,us senator Ted  with was seen at the airport in cankoon after reportedly the purchasing ticket home thursday. crows said he had traveled to mexico for family vaction leaveing his home state as thousand of constituents struggled without power or safe water.
mhouse lawmakers ceo of nline trading platform robenhood as they examing the recent wide-wings as pressin the price of gameshop stock. givkeith,a gamestop  enthusiast known online as roaring kitty also testified, the company share soared 1600 percent january.thank in part to platform like robenhood.
democract unveileded the major immigration overhall that what offer 8 year pathway to citizenship for estimated 11 million living in the us without status. legislation reflect immigration reform priority that president joe biden laid out on the first day in office.
and nasa rover laid on the mars i a question to bring back rocks that could answer the question whether life ever existed on red planet.

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