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标题: [VOA] VOA 2021-02-23 [打印本页]

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Protester have gathered in the Maymas' biggest city despite the rulingmilitary's threat to use leathal force if people joined a general strile opposing military;s takeover. Thousands people gathered several places of Yangguang.A group that gathered US embassy  departed after the arrival of a large number of riots police.Factories,work places and shops were shut aross the country in response to the call for nationwide strike.The clsoing extended to the capital.
Speak of the prerecorded message to a meeting of the UN human right cosuil in Giniwa,foreign secratary XXX said Britain has put some Mayma leaders on the sanctions with and calls for the restraration of democracy in the southeastern nation.UK sanctions individuals for seriuous violation of the HR that took during the coup..The Militay must  Civilians must be released and the democratic wished the people in Mayma must be respected.Hongta's statement on TV televison said the protesters are inciting people to a confrontation wherethey will suffer the lost oflife.Three protesters have been fatally shot.
The Italian ambassader to Congo,police officer and its driver were killed on Monday in an attack.XX and uts driver were killed tha ambush happened in an area that is close to Rebel groups  according to  The convoy was travelling from XX to vist world food program scholl feeding project in XXX.
The US is on the verge of half a million covid 19 deaths that is more corona virus related deaths than anywhere else according to XXX c v resourse center.Us precesent JB will talk about the life lost to the viruses on the Moday evening on the white house followed by the a moment of silence and candle lit ceremony ceremony.The us is also global leader with 28 minfections.
Bowing is recomending the airland ground all triple seven with type of engine that suffered a catastrafic failer over the US city Denvor of this weekend as US regulator order united airline to step up inspections of this arecraft .US united is pleading and said that they are temperaraly romoving the 777 engine from the service.

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