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VOA 20210225
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In a speech to the Un human rights council, US of secrotary of state XXX has reaffirmed washingtons' commitment to universal protection and promotion of HR.
In hiis first sppearance in the top HR body,XXX made it clear that washington plans to fully reengage the work of the council. In order to make its way fall, he said tha US will seek the electionf HR council for 2022 through 24 terms.Former president donuld reump withdrew the council in the June 2018.B rejoined 47 members council
on Feb.8th as an observer.Blin praize the HR council for its role in protecting fundmental freedoms and focusing on its attentionon unfolding crisis such as military in Mayma.
Maymas's foreign minister visited Thiland on wednesday as regional power trys to break an end of 3 weeks of deadly unrest triggered by military coup.The visit came as anticoup protesters died in the tension a local rescue organization said.4 other have been killed in the crackdown.The foreign minister held talk with counterparts with thiland and indonesia in what was the first known face -face meeting between a senior members of FG officials.
XXX attacked nigerial city xxx in XXX killing 16 people including 9 children who were play football in the filed. Local XX told AFP wednesday.Official said tuesday attack on the densely populated city of 3 million people heppned when G fire rocket propelled granade.
Wednesday the progovernment forces in central Africa republic seized a stronghold of the former precidents XXX who were accused of december a coup.
Italy's government will extend the CV restrictions that is already in place until after easter as Rome plan to speed up vaccination efforts to try to beat the virus . Italy is one of the countries hardly hit by C19 and has seen its daily cases fall more than half since nov.  but officails fears loosing restriction may lead to a surge in effections driven by higly contagous variants. The government introduced a host of restrictions before Christmas,some of which are due to expire next week.
People in  England may not need to ear face mask so in the recent months c19 infections drops sufficiantly but they are likely to be required again in the winter.
The deputy chif medical officer said wednesday she daid summer is when she quote will be much safer period with less need for interventions but I think it doesn't rule out it as we are gongto the winter perioad  again. Meanwhile in the US ,the white house said wednesday,the B administration will deliver more than 25 million masks to community health centers and food pastries on the foond chain this spring as parts of the battle against pandemic.Us heath authoeiries  recommended mask wearing is a critical measure to help slow the spread of the pandemic. The low-income americans  still do not have access to masks.Mask between 12-15 million americans.
XXXX and XXX  it will apply for its vaccine for public use and annonced efficacy rates.Sino farm afflicate to the Wuhan institute of biological products said its efficacy rate was nearly 73 % whre its overall efficacy rate stood 65% after 28 days.If the application is successful, it will means 4 chinese domestic vaccines are approved for publice use.China's state media said spacecraft has enter temperary parking orbit around planet Mars where it will stay about three months beore attempting to land the manuvor on the surface.Chinese national spacecraft administration the cradt excute a mabuver to just its orbit androverearly wednesday Beijing time.The

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